And finally she will rise, a star of captivating happiness ...

    ... when the famous director of all time, Uwe Boll ceases to make films on games. He has already messed up BloodRayne, Dungeon Siege, Postal, and plans include Counter Strike and FarCry 2. And who knows what he will come up with in the future. If he raises his hand on Tetris and “Well, wait a minute!”, Then it’s scary to imagine what will happen to this world.

    But there is an opportunity to stop these atrocities. Recently, this genius gamblerino said that he would stop making films on games if a million people sign a petition to stop. The word is a matter, and now people are hastily collecting signatures. At this moment, more than 120 thousand people have already done this.
    Contribute to the exile of the devil!

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