I want the same on the desktop

    Ubuntu Mobile
    - “the whole Internet, no compromise”

    * Full Web 2.0 / AJAX support, Adobe Flash, Java, and others
    * You can enjoy music, videos with easy navigation and network access
    * Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Dailymotion, 3D games , GPS, maps, and in short, the entire Web 2.0, delivered to your hands by a small and cool device with Ubuntu Mobile installed on it .
    By the way, it reminds me of the well-known gOS (by the way, I'll write about the new release in the next post)

    But I was fascinated by screenshots (Ubuntu Mobile), I have long wanted a desktop designed like on mobile devices (UMPC os editions, iPhone, Android OS). Here they are -

    ALL LINUX GURU - is there any way to do this with regular Ubuntu? Is there a how-to? Maybe you have an idea how to do this?
    There is a suggestion to translate and try to compile for conventional Ubuntu Mobile processors, if you want and can offer something, write in a personal message or email me, here is a link to the description and, it seems, sorts

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