New Skype Trojan Turns Computer Into Bitcoin Slave

    On the blog of Dmitry Bestuzhev, an expert at Kaspersky Lab, a message appeared a few days ago about a massive company distributing a new trojan in skype. Messages are sent to users offering to follow a certain link of the form:

    As of April 4, the click rate on it was almost 3 clicks per second, and the total number of clicks was about 170k!
    Most of the victims are from Russia and Ukraine:

    Users from China, Italy, Bulgaria and Taiwan are also affected.
    The trojan itself is written in Visual Basic and is also capable of spreading via USB drives. After infection, the victim’s computer becomes part of the botnet using the protocol to communicate with the IRC command server.
    In addition, the trojan seems to steal the wallet.dat file from the Bitcoin wallet:

    In his next post , Dmitry talked about a similar company, but distributing the trojan a little different kind. Once on the user's machine, he runs the command:

    bitcoin-miner.exe -a 60 -l no -o -u -p XXXXXXXX

    Thus, forcing your computer to mine bitcoins for an attacker!
    At the same time, the load on the CPU increases significantly:

    One of the habrayuzers wrote about a Trojan with similar functionality 2 years ago, but now it seems that the Internet is sweeping a new wave of malicious software, one way or another connected with Bitcoin, around which there has been a lot of noise lately .

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