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Original author: Uli Lutz and Daniela Loeser
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Optimizing the site so that the quality content posted on it is well presented in search engines is a difficult task that takes a lot of time. Unfortunately, sometimes site owners direct their efforts in a false direction, turning to unscrupulous agencies for help, wasting time and money.

High-quality and unique content will eventually attract visitors on its own. Despite this, some search engine optimizers offer link building mechanisms, promising to increase the ranking in a short time and bring the site to the first positions in the search results. One of these mechanisms is the paid or free placement of links on sites that are specifically designed to participate in such schemes. Since the quality of the content on these sites is usually very low, they do not represent any value to users.

It’s not clear what this is about? Consider an example: A

bed is excellent furniture, because you can sleep in it. Most of us sleep at night. In stores you can buy an inexpensive blanket. The blanket will not freeze at night. You can still buy a heater. It is better to buy a heater because it gives more heat. And in the summer you can turn it off when you go on vacation to France .

We may have thickened our colors a little, but in general the texts on the sites for link placement are just that - uninformative, optimized for certain keywords and link texts that are repeated on the page many times. Often you can see a set of articles that are completely unrelated. For example, after an article about a blanket, an article about credit cards, and then about tires, can be posted. This is a very low-grade content, useless to users.

Content of this type can be hosted on a free hosting.or in newly created domains whose names have common keywords. It can also be found on old sites whose owners did not renew the ownership of their domain. Google is constantly improving link analysis algorithms. Even if such link building methods initially lead to a positive result, this effect does not last long. Ultimately, these links will no longer be taken into account, and the time and money spent on their creation will be wasted.

To achieve a sustainable positive result, we recommend that you make efforts in another direction. Create unique and interesting content, actively use social networks and other communities, conduct traditional marketing events, and they will link to you. Of course, for this you need to make an effort, but as a result you will get high-quality natural links that will stand the test of time. Here are some tips on how to get quality links .

If you’re unsure of the quality of your links, check backlinks in your Webmaster Tools account.. Browse all links and their sources. What does the page that contain links to your site look like? Is its content quality and useful to users? Does it relate to the theme of your site? How was this link received? Is this related to the quality of the content? If there are many links from low-quality sites or sites containing spam (or any other type of unnecessary links), try deleting them. Links that cannot be deleted can be rejected in Webmaster Tools.

There are other reliable ways of "white" search engine optimization. For example, a web master can make the site more convenient for users and search robots, as well as optimize the speed of the site. This will achieve the desired results without unnecessary costs. If you don’t know where to start, check out our Search Engine Optimization Guide for tips on improving your site.

If you decide to engage a search engine optimization specialist to optimize your site , try to make an informed choice and find out what methods you intend to use.

As always, you can ask your questions to the participants of our forum for webmasters who will be happy to answer them.

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