The browser manager will help you maintain full control over your settings.

    Habrahabr often raised the topic of not quite bona fide ways to distribute programs and change browser settings without the explicit consent of users. Today we are releasing a new product whose task is to prevent this.

    Its name - Browser Manager - well describes what task it is intended to solve: manage browser settings and prevent them from changing without your knowledge. We want to emphasize that he himself is absolutely neutral in this case: he does not impose or even offer any default settings or anything like that and protects that search, the default page and the options that you chose.

    Protection against changes in the Yandex Browser Manager

    We made sure that the Browser Manager only helped users save their own settings. We honestly admit that in part this program has also become for us work on our own mistakes.

    As you know, we used to have a similar product - Yandex.Defender. He protected the settings of those users who use Yandex Elements. But over time, we came to the conclusion that this is not quite right technically and ideologically. As a result, the Browser Manager has several differences from its predecessor:

    • it is completely neutral: it does not install anything itself and does not offer to install by default;
    • it can be removed through the standard interface for uninstalling programs in Windows - as a standalone product without binding to any others;
    • The manager is able, at your request, to help remove the most common programs that regularly change browser settings and at the same time do not explicitly ask about the desire to do this;
    • the task of the program is to respond only to automatic attempts to change settings and not to take into account those that the user makes on his own;
    • in its settings, you can independently select those types of changes that, in your opinion, require prevention (we highly recommend that you always leave the host file protection option enabled);
    • sometimes the Manager can help to cope even with what is not easy to manually fix for a technically advanced person;
    • The browser manager is written from scratch for the sake of efficiency and less resource consumption.

    Search and homepage settings in Yandex Browser Manager

    We hope that with the new program we can save a lot of time and nerves to you and your not very technically advanced acquaintances. Indeed, now they can cost only a few ticks, not removed on time when installing your favorite program.

    You can download the Browser Manager at .

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