Presentation of RADWARE equipment in Kiev

    For the first time on the Ukrainian IT market, the security vendor RADWARE will present its solutions at the MUK EXPO 2013 exhibition .

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    Under the character is a technical review of those decisions that are discussed in the announcement. This equipment will be available for viewing at the stand .
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    RADWARE ATTACK MITIGATION SYSTEM: Comprehensive protection and fault-tolerant acceleration of application delivery

    Radware AMS is a portfolio of solutions to combat modern multi-purpose attacks aimed at network equipment, servers and applications. This complex consists of:

    • DefensePro: fight against DDoS (behavioral and signature cleaning algorithms) with automatic recognition and blocking of attacks
    • Alteon: hardware SSL acceleration, optimization (caching, compression, multiplexing) and traffic balancing to increase the resiliency of services and the speed of their delivery to the consumer
    • AppWall: application level firewall (WAF) for granular cleaning of Web traffic from attacks on the application level (SQL- . injection, Cross Site Scripting, Slow Rate attack , etc.)
    • APSolute the Vision: centralized management and analysis of events (SIEM)
    • Specialized Technical support rapid response - ERT (Emergency respond Team) for operational assistance to repel the attack in real time
    The Radware AMS platform consolidates individual attack detection tools and counter-attack technologies at various network levels, processing malicious traffic using intelligent methods. This allows real-time identification and blocking of the actions of bots and hackers masquerading as normal application transactions, and not restrict the activities of legitimate users

    . DefensePro system combines classic IPS and automatic protection against DDoS attacks in one solution, which works without operator intervention when repelling an attack. Distinctive features are the highest performance (an attack can reach 25,000,000 packets per second, and automatically beats off within 18 seconds!) And the absence of damage to the work of legitimate users.

    DefensePro is a specialized multiprocessor platform with built-in high-performance network processors from EZChip Technologies, with specialized ASIC and FPGA for hardware acceleration of network traffic processing.
    DefensePro with integrated IPS also includes Netlogic Microsystems' high-performance, context-sensitive NETL7TM processor for hardware-accelerated signature analysis of network packets.

    Network traffic is processed in stages using various protection mechanisms. At the same time, the total network packet delay time for all DefensePro lines does not exceed 60 microseconds.

    One of the advantages of DefensePro is the ability to license increase productivity as needed without replacing equipment, stopping the service, and without any reconfiguration of the device.

    Radware AppWall is an application-level firewall that protects web services and enforces PCI DSS compliance by addressing web threats and vulnerabilities. It prevents data theft and unauthorized changes to important corporate and user information.
    The presence of automatic scanning and policy generation, as well as the possibility of using the Positive (everything is forbidden except explicitly allowed) and the Negative model (everything that is explicitly not prohibited is allowed) for different parts of the same application distinguishes Radware AppWall from its competitors.

    Adaptive policy generation - AppWall independently analyzes the attributes of protected web services and detects potential threats, dividing the application into security zones. Based on this data, the appropriate protection policy for each zone is automatically proposed, minimizing false positives (False-positive) while ensuring the most complete protection.

    Alteon Application Switches are a widely used solution for optimizing application traffic. For applications such as Oracle, MSExchange, SharePoint, WEBSphere, server load is reduced by 2–3 times, and bandwidth demand is reduced by 60–90%. Alteon equipment includes the following rich functionality:
    • Load balancing between application servers using server monitoring and in-depth traffic analysis at the 4-7 network level allows you to reduce costs by reducing the need for server power
    • Application acceleration occurs by removing the load from all servers that are not directly related to the application itself (dynamic caching, TCP / HTTP multiplexing, the HTTPS-encryption, TCP optimization, traffic compression, etc.), allowing you to free up up to 70-80% of the capacity to work with the application
    • Global balancing (GSLB) to manual ultrasonic inspection between multiple data centers, transparently to the user.
    Alteon equipment implements the concept of “on-demand” - throughput and additional functions are expanded on a licensed basis as needed and without interruption of service.

    Supported routing (OSPF, RIP, RIP II, BGP). For the Alteon 5224, a factory-fitted option for the FIPS-certified HSM Cavium module is available.
    Alteon VA software supports various hypervisors (VMware ESX / ESXi, KVM, Open XEN, Microsoft Hyper-V) and is licensed in the following band: 1Mbit / s, 0.2 - 0.5 and 1 Gbit / s.
    Virtual Partitions (ADC-VX) use a fault isolation mechanism that does not allow any failure in one vADC block to propagate to neighboring vADCs. CPU time guaranteed.

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