Eclipse Improved search and highlighting of code blocks

    Tired of looking for how to improve code navigation in the eclipse, and first of all search, I almost decided to write my own bike, but, fortunately, I found a solution in the form of a bunch of two must-have plugins - Glance and EditBox.


    Convenient search in the spirit of all modern browsers.
    • Ability to display in the status bar or in a separate window
    • Search History
    • CamelCase Search
    • Search in all windows, including the project tree and offline, you only need to select the window


    Highlighting code blocks, especially useful in ifs embedded in a case, inside a loop.
    • Customize colors based on nesting level and content type
    • Highlight current block by hotkey
    • Visual selection of a block under the mouse cursor while holding the modifier key
    This plugin is easier to keep turned off, including only when necessary, since there is a hotkey for this case.

    Have a nice coding!

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