Unity Technologies is now on Habré. Post about the present and future

    Here Unity Technologies and has reached Habr, hello everyone! Now we will settle in here, communicate, tell, announce, answer, help, give, give out, invite, show and probably do something else.

    For example ... for example, we have guys in the Unity team (mostly from the development department) who speak Russian. And Google offers a video conferencing service that is automatically recorded directly to YouTube. And there are some Russian-speaking users who would love to find out all the questions with Unity developers, in Russian ... and not in English . Organize this? Interesting?

    We also love helping game organizers with free trial versions of Unity, information support, and sometimes prizes. You can demand all this here on the blog or contact me by mail, oleg@unity3d.com. If you will be at the GDC in San Francisco next week , I will be glad to see you alive!

    Ah, more about the important. Distribution of Unity for Windows Store Apps has already begun, and, as far as I know, everyone has come. Hurry up!

    And while we are announcing one very interesting event in Kiev, and already in the next message, we will definitely tell you about it.

    Why did I attach this picture to the post?

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