Fintech Digest: Apple's capitalization exceeded $ 1 trillion, AI helped eBay raise billions in revenue

    Hi, Habr! A lot of interesting things happened during the week, and we, as usual, tell about these events:

    • Apple's capitalization has indeed exceeded $ 1 trillion;
    • Artificial intelligence helps eBay get more money through a personalized approach to users;
    • In the US, the company came under the SEC proceedings for adding the word “blockchain” to its name;
    • Wikipedia will not conduct an ICO or issue tokens.

    Apple and its trillion US dollars

    At all angles, the news is rattling that Apple has set a record - its market capitalization has grown to $ 1 trillion. On August 2, her shares rose in price to $ 207.05, which allowed her to become even richer than before.

    Tim Cook did not drink champagne on this (though, who knows), he simply stated the following:
    We are expanding coverage in emerging markets, we see strong, double-digit revenue growth and have made tremendous progress towards our goal of significantly increasing the services business.
    And in fact, despite the criticism, the company's devices are sold excellently, the services are valid, and the money continues to be credited. According to experts, the company achieves success not only thanks to successful business moves, but also thanks to the positioning of the brand.

    eBay, artificial intelligence and billion

    EBay does not always work successfully. Not so long ago, she claimed damages. But today it is a holiday on its street, since the costs of implementing AI have paid off in full. The fact is that eBay has introduced artificial intelligence technology for better interaction with users.

    In principle, the company has been using machine learning for this purpose for more than ten years, but now its work has begun to pay off . As it turned out, AI allowed to earn $ 1 billion more (per quarter) than in the usual situation.

    True, this is not about profit, but about sales. But still, the introduction of new technology was worth it. Sellers and buyers see personalized content and actively use new features. According to eBay, the company uses many modern technologies to improve its work, including Big Data, in-depth training, AI and other methods and systems.

    Wikipedia vs ICO

    The founder of the famous Wikipedia resource, Jimmy Wales, stated that he would not conduct an ICO or issue his own cryptocurrency. He believes that the blockchain is a “super interesting technology,” but it’s still a “bubble”.

    Earlier, he said that ICO is a “complete scam”, and cryptocurrencies and everything connected with them is just a bubble.

    The company with the "blockchain" in the title received the proceedings from the SEC

    On Habré already published the news that the company Long Blockchain Corp., which is actually engaged in the production of cold tea and lemonade, was able to increase the capitalization after adding the word Blockchain in its name. Previously, he was not there.

    The company's shares increased threefold in price , its capitalization increased to $ 70 million. However, over time, the rise stopped, capitalization began to decline, and Nasdaq decided to delist the company's shares.

    Everything would be fine, but this tricky move was noticed by the regulator, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The organization requested documentation from Long Blockchain Corp.

    So far it is unclear what she has to face and whether proceedings will be initiated. But the fact that with the SEC jokes are bad, everyone knows.

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