Google intends to unify all communication services into one - Google Babble

    The troubled policy of the search giant in relation to its services, including very popular ones, seems to be continuing - there are rumors spreading on the Internet that has submitted that Google intends to provide one instead of a whole galaxy of various services for communication - universal.

    Referring to, as they say in such cases, reliable sources, observers claim that Google Talk, Voice, Messenger, Hangout from Google+, Chat for Drive collaboration (fortunately, Gmail will remain just mail) will be combined into one Google service Babble, which will unify the communication capabilities of all of them, and at the same time will work on major mobile platforms, including Blackberry and Windows Phone.

    In general, the wave of rumors around Google regarding the policies of its services quite applies to a number of other services. Yesterday, it became known that the search giant, apparently, intends to become a competitor to Evernote, secretly rolling out on Google Keep. It also turned out that now Google Talk does not accept add-on requests sent from other Jabber servers to the contact list, for which the Free Software Foundation has expressed some concern, even though this blocking may be caused by the fight against spam.

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