5 services for conducting online surveys

Relevance of the article - 06.2019

Are the impressive costs of conducting research with the help of marketing agencies always justified, and is there an alternative to agencies in general? Of course, to conduct a deep analysis of the market or tasks comparable in scale, there is a direct road to marketers, if, of course, the budget allows. But online surveys will help in less global studies - there are services that make conducting online surveys as simple as possible: you create a survey, distribute it and get already processed results. What service to choose and how do these services differ?

I suggest evaluating them by the following parameters:

- Is there a trial version?
- Is there a free version, and what is included in it?
- Cost and features of the base rate.
- Optimization for mobile devices.
- Opportunities for disseminating the survey.
- Design settings.
- Finding a server.
- Support.


You can get acquainted with the designer of polls and tests testograf without registering for free, the poll itself is not saved, you cannot collect the answers and, accordingly, you cannot see the results of the poll. If you need to test the entire functionality of the service without the restrictions described above, demo access is available on request. The service does not have a free version, and the approach to tariffing is somewhat different from the usual one.

The entire functionality of the service is presented at three tariffs: One-time license (1 survey, 60 days, 4,990 rubles), One-year license (unlimited number of surveys, 1 year, 24,990 rubles) and PRO + Annual license (differs from the previous one in terms of increased privacy and instant support , 49,990 rubles).

The service is optimized for mobile devices.

In addition to self-collection of answers for direct and additional links, it is possible to embed a survey on the site, a pop-up window (auto show or click on a button) and a survey widget with auto show settings and branding. It is also proposed to search for respondents for a given targeting, while respondents are not panel-based and respond to the survey voluntarily.

The options for setting up a survey design are quite wide: the color and font of texts, the color of buttons and check boxes, the addition of a logo and the setting of a poll header, changing the background (image, color).

The company’s server is located on the territory of the Russian Federation, also testograf is the only of the presented services that comply with the Federal Law-152 on personal data.

The stated Russian-language support by e-mail and phone is really there, really prompt and adequate.


On the free version you can create 5 profiles with an unlimited number of questions and collect max. 100 responses per month.

The minimum tariff ($ 29 / month for a one-time purchase or $ 14 / month for an annual tariff) allows you to create an unlimited number of polls and get a maximum of 1,000 responses per month - not a lot.

The service is optimized for mobile devices.

In addition to the standard distribution of the survey via a direct link, there is a survey embedded in the site and a pop-up window, however, both of these features do not have additional settings. Another collection is offered for paid use of the CINT respondents panel, which has 2 million panelists in Russia.

Settings for customization include: adding a logo, changing the color theme or using ready-made backgrounds. However, at the Lowest tariff, design options are very limited. Work with results (filters, uploads) is also limited.

The company’s server is located in the Czech Republic.

Promise email support "as soon as possible", but my appeal remained unanswered.


Has a trial and free version.
You can create 10 questions for free and collect 100 answers.
The basic tariff (1,999 rubles / month or 1,499 rubles / month for annual payments) does not limit the number of answers collected.

The service is optimized for mobile devices.

It is proposed to distribute the survey to collect answers independently; there are several possibilities: a direct link and additional links, embedding the survey on the site, a pop-up invitation to the survey (there is a design setting and% auto-display), a pop-up window of the survey itself (with design and% auto-display setting). There is also its own Surveymonkey Audience panel, but it is not provided for the Russian Federation.

The design of the survey can be changed using the prepared color and background themes or use a custom theme with the color and font settings of the texts. Of course, you can add a company logo to the survey. The base rate has many of these settings.

The Surveymonkey server is located in the USA.

According to the fact of the real appeal, the declared round-the-clock English-speaking support cannot be called operational and at least somehow useful.

Google forms

Google, with a server in the USA, allows you to create a survey for free, without limiting the creator to the number of surveys, questions and answers received, which, however, will have to be collected independently using a direct link or embedding on the site (without additional settings).

There is also a mobile version of the service. When customizing the design of the survey, you can use the prepared color schemes, and also add a hat and logo.

There is no support.


The service has both a trial and a free version.
The free version allows you to create 3 polls, limits the number of questions in one questionnaire (max. 10) and the number of responses to a poll (max. 100).

The minimum tariff (250 rubles / month) offers 5 surveys on 25 questions in one questionnaire and 1,500 responses to one survey.
Of the minuses - the lack of optimization for mobile devices.

Respondents are also encouraged to search on their own. In addition to the direct link, there is an embed on the site and a pop-up window (without settings).

Design settings include changing the color / font of the texts and changing the polling background (color).

The service server is located in Estonia.
Support is not promised.

Each of these services is constantly working to expand the functionality, trying to offer its users something unique. But in addition to the functionality, when choosing a service, you should pay attention to support (it is really needed), the possibility of concluding an agreement (who owns the rights to your polls and their results?) And compliance with the law of the company (especially important for large companies and companies from state .sector).

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