Beauty Gadgets - Serious Business

    Beauty gadgets have long remained an unloved stepson in the world of consumer technology. Everything has changed in the new century: more and more companies are taking the topic seriously. They create functional and new inventions. Among the innovators is the Swedish company Foreo, which produces iconic devices for skin and oral care.

    3G, graphene and silicone

    The company Foreo was founded in 2013 by the Swede Philip Sedic. He was born in Bosnia, but this is not the most interesting moment in his biography. The fact is that he likes to invent different things, and at the moment he has registered more than 200 patents. What did you invent? From the eye massager to the Kegel simulator, from the finger massager to the light skin cleansing method.

    The person who invents what you are afraid to even think about

    Sedich actively used his inventive talents professionally. At one time he headed one of the first digital marketing agencies in Sweden, worked on 3G technology at Ericsson and on graphene condoms at LELO.

    In 2012, the wife of Sedich, Ivan, bought herself a face brush of a famous brand. As often happens, because of the brush, the skin on the woman’s face has become worse. The problematic device fell into the hands of a meticulous husband. He concluded that it was better to wash your hands than rub your face with such a thing: nylon bristles and a removable brush head were probably teeming with bacteria, and the material was too harsh.

    Surprisingly, a more gentle and hygienic alternative did not exist. Therefore, an enterprising Swede took matters into his own hands. So the first Foreo product appeared - LUNA face brush. Hard nylon was replaced with a gentle medical silicone that does not irritate the skin. The silicone bristles were driven by sound pulsations. In the process of creating the prototype, Sedic actively consulted with his wife.

    The first generation of brushes: Luna mini on the left, LUNA

    Foreo on the right began with a couple of people, but the company grew rapidly. In 2014, the team assembled by Sedic developed her own version of an electric sonic toothbrush, called ISSA. She, in comparison with competing products, brushed her teeth delicately, without sacrificing the quality of brushing.

    In the following years, several iterations of both brushes came out, and hygiene products appeared for use with them. In 2018, the company launched a new product: a “smart mask” UFO, a replacement for Korean fabric masks. The device became another hit and as a result participated in London Fashion Week. With a smart mask, they refreshed the skin of models who went on the catwalk during the Victoria Beckham show. Either a cunning inventor managed to circle a beauty guru around his finger, or a small gadget that looks like a luminous washer really works.

    Face brushes LUNA

    LUNA electric brushes instantly became a hit when they appeared on sale. The company relied on word of mouth and social networks. The approach paid off completely, especially Instagram contributed to the popularity of the new brushes.

    This is not to say that LUNA did not have competitors. The American company Clarisonic, founded in 2000 in Seattle, has been selling its own electric face brushes since 2004. Apparently, this was exactly what Sedich’s wife used, but this is not accurate. These fixtures have interchangeable nozzles, and they must be replaced every three months - due to the "fatigue" of the bristles and for hygienic reasons. A lot of bacteria and microscopic creatures such as skin mites live on the face, but it’s dangerous to replenish the “zoo” with staphylococcus aureus. Now Clarisonic is owned by L'Oreal.

    On the left - Foreo LUNA mini, on the right - the Clarisonic

    LUNA brush does not look like a competing product at all. The case of the device is more like a large sponge or washcloth. The aforementioned medical silicone, of which the entire surface of the brush is made, is devoid of pores and therefore does not overgrow with bacterial colonies. It is enough to rinse the brush under water - and it is again as good as new.

    You need to drive over the face with the part where the silicone bristles are located. It is necessary to use a brush together with a means for washing, which with the help of vibrations is whipped into foam. The same vibrations make the remains of cosmetics, sebum and dead cells actively removed from the surface of the skin. In general, it is faster and more effective than washing with a sponge or hands. A massage with bristles additionally gives the skin elasticity, as blood rushes to it.

    Compared to LUNA, Clarisonic brushes and their copies wash the face “before the creak”. But leather is not parquet to rub it to a mirror shine. Hard cleaning irritates delicate tissues, promotes premature aging and is absolutely contraindicated in the presence of inflammatory elements. Simply put, “Clarisonicum” cannot polish acne, because there will be more. With rosacea (vascular asterisks and dilated capillaries), you cannot use the gadget either, and aggressive skin brushing will do harm to sensitive skin. Tender LUNA has no such problems.

    The number of LUNA models has exceeded ten. Let us consider in more detail the newest of them.

    Foreo LUNA 2

    Brush LUNA 2was released in January 2016. The gadget has four options: for normal, combination, sensitive and oily skin. To find out what kind of skin you have, the manufacturer offers to take a test on the site before buying, and the models themselves of different types visually differ from each other in color. LUNA 2 is almost the size of a palm with fingers. It is just convenient to hold it by the lower part and cleanse the skin with a wide upper brush. And if the brush nevertheless slips out of your hands and falls into the water - it's okay, the case is waterproof.

    The brush is controlled by three buttons in the base: in the middle is the power button, the other two switch the intensity of work. The intensity modes are only 12. On the reverse side of the brush there is a ribbed surface for anti-aging massage. These “ribs” need to massage the nasolabial folds, the skin at the corners of the eyes and other parts of the face where wrinkles form within a minute. It is clear that the gadget should be turned on.

    Foreo brushes can be used with almost any cleanser. Since the brush is silicone, you cannot apply it to clay-based, silicone-based cleansers, as well as exfoliating compounds and scrubs. Life hack: serums, masks, jelly-gommazhi and so on are ideally suited in the "partner" brush. Their effect is expectedly enhanced by massage.

    LUNA 2 has a “masculine” version calledLUNA 2 for men . Now the market for cosmetics for men is growing, largely compensating for the drop in razor sales due to the fashion for beards and bristles. LUNA 2 For men is a typical new product. Actually, what distinguishes the gadget from the "female" version: it is slightly larger, it is brutally black and exists in only one version. Men's skin is also diverse, but a rare potential buyer spends time sorting out a million cosmetics, lotions and formulations. So the brush is one, but good!

    LUNA 2 For men The

    logical question: why is this gadget needed?It makes shaving easier. Regular washing softens and tones the skin. The better the skin, the fewer cuts, and the longer the razor blades will last (they will be less dull). Plus, all the same advantages as for women: massage from age-related changes, a fresher look, less inflammation. The reverse, ribbed side is good to handle the area under the eyes. An important point: men suffering from acne and rosacea ("pink eels") must definitely consult a dermatologist before using such a device.

    Both brushes are charged from the USB port. The charge lasts for 450 sessions of 1 minute. Each wash is like this: you are soaping your face with a product, and LUNA 2 is dipped in water. You can do the opposite and apply the tool on the brush. Turn on the device, begin to massage one area of ​​the face - forehead, cheeks, chin, nose. After 15 seconds, the vibration stops, and thus the brush makes it clear that you need to move to another area. The process takes a minute, after which the remnants of the product can be washed off. Such automatic help prompts the user to wash themselves thoroughly. Regular and thorough water procedures, in turn, have a beneficial effect on the skin condition.

    LUNA mini 2

    In the same 2016, a smaller version of the brush went on sale - LUNA mini 2. The gadget is entirely placed in the palm of your hand. It lacks a ribbed surface for massage on the back side - there are thicker bristles to clean oily skin. The intensity levels are 8, but the strength is the same as that of the large LUNA 2. The brush is universal and has a configuration of bristles that should suit any type of skin. Including men: for the "stronger sex" is offered a black brush LUNA mini 2 for men .

    The device works just like LUNA 2. You soap the face or brush, turn it on. Every 15 seconds, it freezes so that you begin to process another area of ​​the skin. One charge is enough for 300 sessions; the brush charges from the USB port in an hour.

    The newest Foreo brush is called LUNA fofo. It is distinguished by the presence of smart functions and sensors of the level of skin saturation with water. With their help, the gadget analyzes the condition of the skin, and then the mobile application makes up a personalized skin care program. Including individually adjusting the processing time of each part of the face.

    Foreo LUNA fofo

    To get started, you need to download the Foreo For You application and register an account. It will be interested in age, skin type, the amount of water you drink per day, and the level of activity. Then LUNA fofo is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Having tied the brush to the application, you need to start the analysis process in the application and touch the sensors of the four facial zones: forehead, chin, right and left cheeks. After analyzing the moisture, the application makes a profile for the skin and adjusts the brush.

    Foreo profile settings

    The washing process with LUNA fofo is identical to washing with LUNA 2 and LUNA mini 2. That is, the brush stops the motor every time it is time to move to another part of the face.
    Foreo Face Brush Comparison
    TitleLUNA fofoLUNA mini 2LUNA 2LUNA 2 For men
    The size70 x 66 x 38 mm75 x 80 x 28.5 mm102.3 x 82.3 x 35.7 mm102.3 x 82.3 x 36.7 mm
    Weight70 g67 g135 g135 g
    MaterialMedical Silicone /
    ABS Plastic
    Medical Silicone / ABS PlasticMedical Silicone / ABS PlasticMedical Silicone / ABS Plastic
    Frequency150 Hz125 Hz100 Hz100 Hz
    Noise level~ 50 dB50 db50 db50 db
    SpeedSkin type2 x 8000 heart rate / min2 x 8000 heart rate / min2 x 8000 heart rate / min
    Timerthere isthere isthere isthere is
    Intensity levelsAuto81212
    Anti-aging massageNotNotthere isthere is
    Suitable for all skin typesYesYes4 separate models for each typeYes
    Skin moisture sensorsYes two piecesNotNotNot
    Bluetooththere isNotNotNot
    Food2 AAA batteriesBattery Li-Ion 200 mAhBattery Li-Ion 530 mAhBattery Li-Ion 530 mAh
    The number of sessions per charge400300450450
    Charging time-1 hour1 hour1 hour

    Smart UFO Masks

    Even if you carefully avoided the topic of cosmetics, you probably saw the ubiquitous bags with fabric masks in supermarkets. This is the most famous part of the Asian skin care system. They owe their fame to ease of use. A mask soaked in a special serum is applied to the face for 20 minutes. Depending on the composition of the impregnation, the mask acts in different ways: softens, moisturizes, cleanses and evens out skin tone. Of the minuses - a universal cut, because of which masks are not suitable for every person, and the large time spent on the procedure. To show the result, once sticking a mask is not enough. They are used regularly.

    Smart Mask Foreo UFO

    The popularity of fabric masks prompted the Foreo team to the idea of ​​a beauty gadget that has the positive features of masks and is free from their shortcomings. After four years of development, the company introduced the device in the form of a washer, or a flying saucer. In honor of the latter, the “smart mask” got its name - UFO .

    What does a smart mask do? In short: allows you to distribute useful serum over your face with maximum efficiency. To enhance the effect of the impregnation components, the gadget heats and cools them, and highlights the skin itself and massages. It turns out a spa treatment at home.

    Serum is applied to tissue “masks”. Yes, they have not gone away, but have reduced to the size of a large cotton pad. Such a consumable is fixed on the gadget with a ring. There are several types of masks: day, night, for oily skin, for moisturizing, for lightening, for the skin around the eyes and collagen (anti-aging).

    At this point, mention is made of a smaller version of UFO called UFO mini . A small "plate" does all the same as a large gadget, except for cooling. Therefore, UFO mini is not compatible with eye masks and oily skin.

    Smart mask Foreo UFO mini

    The mask connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and works with the same application as the LUNA fofo brush. First you need to get a wet consumable from the bag and fix it on the gadget. Then - scan the bag to set the desired setting. After that, it's time to start the procedures. You can do without a smartphone and press the button on the gadget several times, but what is the fun then?

    The procedure consists of two to three phases, depending on the type of mask. The first phase usually vaporizes the skin, the other two activate the components and soothe the skin. But this is from the point of view of the gadget. The user simply turns on the UFO and 90 seconds drives the device in the face.

    Heating takes place in the range of 20-50 degrees. Elevated temperature opens the pores and enhances blood circulation. What Foreo calls "cryotherapy" is cooling to a maximum of 4 degrees. It is used in just two masks for the effect of skin tightening.

    The LEDs under the UFO mounting ring may seem frivolous, but light therapy is indeed used in cosmetology. It’s all about the spectrum: blue kills bacteria and helps fight acne. Green removes pigmentation and the effects of premature skin aging, evens and brightens the tone of the face. And red - improves blood circulation, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

    The UFO vibrates in much the same way as the LUNA brushes. Vibration is not configured in any way and turns on automatically. It enhances the absorption of the components of the mask, but it seems that its main point is to give pleasure with a light facial massage.

    Cases of "smart masks" are protected from water. Gadgets work from built-in batteries, each charge lasts for 40 procedures.

    Both smart devices were launched on Kickstarter in early 2018, the campaign raised $ 1,572,093. The serious success is due to the reputation of Foreo and the viral fame of its previous gadgets.

    Apparently, the backers trusted the Swedish inventors not in vain, dozens of laudatory reviews were left about the “smart masks” of the UFO. The point is the speed of manifestation of the effect. The positive consequences of using a new cosmetic product are visible after a month of use, not earlier. Only allergic reactions occur when the face turns red and peels off at the first touch. And the UFO does a lot of things at once with the skin and right away, so that the changes are felt after the first procedure.

    This is rare in the face care world. There are reasonable restrictions: a smart mask will not destroy acne and scars from them, magic does not happen. But if you wake up after a fun feast and treat your face with the UFO, then the appearance will noticeably change for the better.
    Comparison of UFO and UFO mini masks
    TitleUFOUFO mini
    The size72.5 mm x 31.4 mm72.5 mm x 31.4 mm
    Weight146.2 g100 g
    MaterialSilicone, PC / ABSSilicone, PC / ABS
    Frequency180 Hz180 Hz
    Noise level~ 50 dB~ 50 dB
    Session Duration90 seconds90 seconds
    Vibro massagethere isthere is
    Thermotherapythere isthere is
    Cryotherapythere isNot
    LED therapythere isthere is
    FoodBattery Li-Ion 1050mAh 3.7VBattery Li-Ion 1050mAh 3.7V
    The number of sessions per charge4040
    Standby mode180 days180 days
    Charging time2.5 hours2.5 hours

    Toothbrushes ISSA

    Toothbrushes Foreo ISSA

    In 2014, Foreo broke into this new market for itself with a serious offer - a series of sonic toothbrushes ISSA. Their heads can be changed once a year, and the brushes themselves can be charged once every six months. Long-lived heads were made of silicone so beloved in the company. Silicone bristles do not harm the gums, and due to the absence of pores, bacterial colonies do not form in them.

    The Swedes first introduced the gadget at the CES 2014 Technology Innovation Exhibition, and then launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. The gadget raised about $ 80,000, which is not bad for a toothbrush.

    The second generation has changed a bit since the main heads became hybrid. On the edges of the brush there are silicone bristles that do not harm the gums. In the middle, instead of them, bristles made of hard PBT polymer are inserted for more efficient cleaning of plaque. But the service time was halved: it is recommended to change such heads once every six months. Silicone heads are still sold as they are well suited for sensitive teeth.

    Foreo ISSA 2

    Brush ISSA 2 is supplied with a hybrid head. Its operating time, according to the manufacturer, is up to a year on a single charge. It depends on the intensity and frequency of cleaning; To save battery, the brush itself turns off after 3 minutes.

    The brush is sonic, not ultrasonic, because its vibration frequency is 11,000 movements per minute. This is enough to brush your teeth efficiently. Every 30 seconds, the brush with a short vibration reminds that it is time to clean the other quarter of the oral cavity. After two minutes, the indicator light will light, indicating that you can complete brushing.

    Foreo ISSA mini 2 The

    peculiarity of ISSA 2 is that its head is very large. For those who need a smaller brush, ISSA mini 2 is better. Unlike the “large” version, the brush has no intensity settings. But there is a reminder that you forgot to brush your teeth. After 12 hours without brushing your teeth on the gadget's handle, a sad LED emoticon will light up. And when you just finished your morning or evening toilet, ISSA mini 2 will “reward” you with a cheerful emoticon.

    The cleaning process is exactly the same, on a timer. The battery of the device should last for 8–9 months.

    ISSA play - the most democratic Foreo brush. It is disposable, its head does not change, but it costs much cheaper than similar devices. It is comparable in size to ISSA mini 2 and has a hybrid head made of PBT polymer and silicone. The brush is powered by two AAA batteries, which lasts for 6 months.

    Foreo ISSA play

    The device was conceived as a trial for those who do not know if he wants to use an electric toothbrush at all. In addition, the small size and lack of charging make it a good travel accessory.

    Interestingly, all ISSA models have the same “futuristic” design. So futuristic that such a toothbrush was used when filming the series Star Trek: Discovery. The continuation of the legendary show greatly disappointed hardcore fans, but the brushes really deserve a place on the spaceship.
    Foreo Sound Toothbrush Comparison
    TitleISSA playISSA mini 2ISSA 2
    The size159 x 30 x 24 mm184 x 37 x 76.4 mm195 x 32.4 mm
    Weight61 g57.7 g67.8 g
    Head materialPBT polymer / medical soft siliconePBT polymer / medical soft siliconePBT polymer / medical soft silicone
    Handle materialSilicone / plasticSilicone / plasticSilicone / plastic
    Speed9000 pulses / min9,000 heart rate / min11,000 pulses / min
    Intensity levelsoneonesixteen
    TimerNotthere isthere is
    Tongue scraperNotthere isthere is
    Frequency216 Hz180 Hz166 Hz
    Operating time on a single chargeUp to 6 monthsUp to 265 days (8.8 months)Up to 365 days (12 months)
    Service life of one interchangeable headDoes not change6 months6 months
    Noise level~ 50 dbUnknown50 db
    Food2 AAA batteriesBattery, 420 mAhBattery, 420 mAh
    Charging time-1 hour1 hour

    You can purchase Foreo gadgets at online store. Until the end of June, a 10% discount on the FOREO10 promotional code is valid for the entire range of the brand .

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