What would you like to know about the NooLite lighting radio control system?

    imageI think the NooLite system (they already wrote about it on the hub ) is a very cool project: it gives previously inaccessible features, has a low cost, it is very easy to connect and use. Such switches are in my house and it is very convenient. But, in my opinion, few people know about the NooLite system (mainly geeks), although connecting / using it is no more difficult than a conventional wired switch and almost anyone can handle it.

    Information about the system, available on the Internet, is monotonous and not very detailed: the connection process is described everywhere, but there is little information about impressions of real use, features of work, etc. For example, no one writes whether it is comfortable to use touch switches (not having tactile feedback) instead of the usual ones.

    We are making a site dedicated to the NooLite system. The goal is to generalize and structure information about it, so that anyone who wants to automate lighting control can learn everything in one place. Therefore, it is important for us to understand what exactly you would be interested to know about this.

    If you are thinking about putting yourself such switches, but you do not have enough information about the features of the system or about using it in real conditions, write your question in the comments or in a personal message to me. We will try to answer all questions (and if necessary, contact the developers) and publish the answers here and on our website.

    UPD After reading the comments, I want to make a small addition: I have no relation to the developers of the system, I just really like it.

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