Attention! Competition!

    Have a nice day, Habr!
    Right now you have a great opportunity to participate in our competition and win a great smartphone.

    The rules of the competition are quite simple: until 20.04.2013. inclusively, you need to write a work dedicated to our Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone. The review must be posted on the contest page by selecting “Here may be your article”.

    Subjects can be very diverse, for example, to describe the first acquaintance with the device or the operation of the built-in camera, consider wireless technologies or the work of map services.
    After pre-moderation, the article will go to the competitive blog and will be evaluated by Habr users. According to the results of voting, one winner will be selected at the end of April, who will receive the Nokia Lumia 920 as a prize.
    Of course, we understand that it is impossible to write an interesting review without being able to comprehensively study the phone. Therefore, they provided the opportunity to take the device for a test drive.

    It is necessary to fill out a short form and send it to us. Please note that a test drive is available for residents of Moscow and the Moscow region.

    You can familiarize yourself with the full rules of the creative contest in the " Rules " section .

    We wish success to the contest participants and look forward to your work on the blog . And may the strongest win!

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