Scientists have proven the superiority of the Terran race in StarCraft 2

    Two researchers from the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh published the results of a statistical simulation of StarCraft 2 in the Koprulu sector, taking into account the best economic and military strategies for each race.

    For each race, two groups of strategies were used: micro and macro. The first provides for the rapid development of the army and immediate pressure on the opponent, and the second - a long-term strategy with emphasis on the economy. A mathematical model of the Koprulu sector was compiled, which reflects the average interstellar density and structure of stars in our Milky Way galaxy ...

    Each civilization was placed on a randomly selected star, after which it colonized a neighboring, as close as possible star on the generated map of the Koprulu sector. If this star already had a different race, then the battle between them was simulated. The winner according to the results of the general test was considered the race, which occupied more than 70% of star systems.

    The result of hundreds of Monte Carlo experiments with different parameters showed that Blizzard developers are not in vain eating their bread. The forces of the three races were approximately the same, and there was no clear leader among them. However, there is good news for us: the Terran race still showed a slight advantage over zergs and protoss when using the immediate pressure strategy.

    The illustration shows the 2D projection of the maps in three stages of one of hundreds of tests. Colors correspond to six strategy / race pairs for micro and macro strategies of the three races. Each rectangle is a projection of 80x80 parsecs of a cubic segment of space in the Koprulu sector.

    Although the results of the study have no scientific value, they can be useful for the gaming industry as proof that scientific methods and statistical modeling can be used in the development of strategic games.

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