Why should I redo this? After all, it’s not difficult for me!

The post does not claim to be a reference source. The post claims to prompt the reader to discuss the problem.

In recent days, I’ve been trying to optimize the business processes of my small company and think about how to reduce costs, how to reduce labor costs and work more efficiently. Web studios, freelancers and all those involved in the development of sites or part of them (in particular, site design) have a huge stone that they stumble about.

I’m talking about customer phrases of the type “And correct it here” or “This is not it, suggest 2-3 more options for us to discuss.”

Many people shut up on this stone and seemingly simple projects turn into long-term construction ...

And now the question: “What does the client need - a beautiful picture or a solution to the problem from his point of view?”.
  • If a client needs a beautiful picture from his point of view, then ... What should I do? How do you work with such a client?
  • If it is important for the client to solve the problem, then the question arises about the competence of the contractor. What can he really do. Or not?

So far I see the answer to the question in the customization of the proposal. How do you answer?

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