Microsoft Contest for BizSpark Startups

    The number of participants in the BizSpark program in Russia already totals several thousand, and we are sure that among these thousands there are bright projects, unusual stories and worthy startups that we still don’t know about. We want to know more about you and be proud of your success with you and help promote your products. Especially for this, we are launching a “Tell us about yourself” contest . Taking part in the contest is very easy - write a short story about your startup and share it with your friends in any open sources - social networks, blogs, forums - and send a link to us .

    Every week we will choose a startup of the week and give it a wide promotion, and once a month one of the investors - members of the selection committee of the Microsoft Seed Financing Fund will choose a winner who will receive a valuable prize and PR from Microsoft and Startup Posters. Do not miss the chance to make yourself known and introduce leading Russian investors to your startup.

    We are sure that just like us, you value your time and do not want to send us “War and Peace”. We are expecting a couple of paragraphs from you - tell us who you are, what you are doing, what you have already achieved (or are going to achieve) and how BizSpark helps you achieve your goals.

    We want to know our heroes by sight!

    For those who do not know about the BizSpark program.

    Microsoft BizSpark is an international startup program that allows you to:
    • Get free access to the latest technology
    • Get free expert support
    • Attract attention to your project and enter new markets

    Microsoft BizSpark members get Microsoft licensed software for free to design, develop, test products and host services on the Internet, as well as:
    • Free Windows Azure cloud hosting resources
    • Free access to the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Marketplace
    • Help in attracting financing
    • Support in promoting the project on the international market
    • Add a number Benefits from BizSpark Community Partners!

    And from this link you can find out more information:

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