A device has been developed that signals cheating on lessons from the Internet

    Andrei Kosinets, an eleventh-grader from the Moscow Region, invented a device that will help teachers identify students using the mobile Internet as a cheat sheet. As stated by a young inventor, the device determines the level of electromagnetic radiation that comes from mobile phones the moment they connect to the Internet. He began to create the device three years ago - it was then that he began to wonder what kind of influence mobile phones have on a person.

    Reporting with Andrey:

    At the moment, there are not so many details about this miracle device. It is only known that to create an ordinary doorbell and a voltmeter were used, which displayed the signal power on the display . Also, the author said that the device "works at frequencies from 1880 to 450 MHz."

    Andrei has plans for the future to create a device that will treat people from cancer by electromagnetic radiation.

    Another report from the local Khimki television on the Khimki-Media website .

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