Browser TTD: Closed Testing Multiplayer

    Good day to all. Especially fans of the game Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Let me remind you that I am porting OpenTTD to JS and have recently been working on porting the network part of the game. Now intermediate builds allow you to play on the network on one game server. At the moment, the server can accept up to 255 players, and up to 15 companies can be created in one game session. The company can be managed by one or several people (the backend is a regular OpenTTD server). In order not to face the dirt, I would like to conduct closed testing.

    In order to take part in testing, you need to send me the email address under which you are registered on the game’s website (see screen), after which I will give you access and you can enter the game session. Errors can be left here, or on the github project page .


    UPD New project site.

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