Atomic battery

    I came across a manufacturer’s website on a well-known social network ... atomic batteries

    Well, this news is about a battery for a smartphone that does not require charging for up to 20 years. This was made possible thanks to the wonders of nuclear fission. But we can safely assume that most users would be horrified if they knew that they carried radioactive material in their pockets.

    The fact is that tritium will be used as the active substance in a nuclear battery. Radiation caused by the breakdown of tritium is considered safe, and is not able to harm even the upper layer of the skin. The action of radioactive tritium can also be seen on watches that glow in the dark. The manufacturer claims that such a battery can withstand temperatures from -50 ℃ to 150 ℃ without noticing extreme fluctuations and also changes in height. Needless to say, having such a battery to charge your phone is a great success.

    One such battery is capable of delivering from 0.8 to 2.4V and from 50 to 300nanoAmps for 20 years.

    The cost of the battery is $ 1122

    Manufacturer website:

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