Kegel Elvie Smart Trainer for Strengthening Intimate Muscles - Why You Need It

The topic "below the belt" always seems quite personal and delicate, and therefore rarely discussed. Imagine a situation where two people talk about drinking vitamin C to prevent colds - it's easy; but the dialogue that special balls, etc., are used to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, is already more difficult.

Such topics are individually raised in medical offices, but this remains largely the case behind closed doors and the closed covers of medical records. But dialogues, protected by medical secrets, are sometimes the reason that a person for a long time does not pay attention to one or another problem: they say that it seems that it is only with me.

Well, we dare to talk about what is usually not talked about.

For 70 years, the name of the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel has become a household name thanks to his discoveries and observations.

The main one was that thanks to the Perineometer created by him, it was possible to establish that intimate muscles inevitably weaken for a number of reasons: from natural (age, childbirth) to acquired (injuries, etc.).

Given his experience, including surgery, Kegel drew attention to the fact that the operations did not give the desired result, and, perhaps, for the first time declared the importance of conservative methods and prevention, and also proposed a set of measures, now known as “ Kegel exercises ”.

When was the last time we raisedthis topic, they then turned to a doctor for consultation, and they generally confirmed to us that the value of this method is still quite high and this is perhaps the only painless, comfortable and conservative way!

Are there any others? Yes, of course. One of them is electrical stimulation. In one study , it was decided to compare the effectiveness, and Kegel exercises showed a better result than electric current. In this case, again, they can be recognized in a less "disturbing" or more natural way.

Excuse me, but is it not necessary to use an additional accessory for Kegel’s exercises? In general, yes, but in this case, training will occur without feedback, any self-control.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for quick results: as noted in some publications, the first real results can be felt 4-6 weeks after systematic classes from 1-2 times a day. At the same time, Arnold Kegel himself used the very same Perineometer to determine the pressure force, which, it seems, speaks more of in favor of additional “assistants”.

Be that as it may: despite the visual affinity with sex toys, despite the place of use of the simulator, it is still medicine, and the pleasure here is much less than systematic work and loads.

The problem so far is that the mentality of our population is organized in such a way that prevention is not for us. We cannot force ourselves to sit upright to avoid problems with the spine, we cannot force ourselves to go to the dentist every six months, we cannot force ourselves to donate blood until the roasted rooster pecks. What can we say about how to force yourself to squeeze and unclench something there that can manifest itself in about ten years!

What could happen?

Among the main consequences of weak tonus of the pelvic floor muscles are called:

  • urinary incontinence (trite: during coughing or lifting weights)
  • urgent incontinence - when the very desire to empty the bladder (when it is not full!) is so strong that a person does not have time to reach the restroom
  • Postpartum muscle weakness - which can cause the prolapse of one of the pelvic organs, such as the uterus.

There may also be several reasons:

“Temporary” are referred to natural: any muscles weaken with age. Also, surgery, pregnancy and childbirth affect the decrease in tone. Obesity.

So why do you need Elvie?

The Kegel Smart Trainer performs several important functions:

  • Feedback, control and training reminders
  • Teaching. In fact, the complex of exercises is not so complicated, but at the same time, it’s much easier to act on prompts
  • Teaching: Elvie software is interactive

But first things first!

Appearance The

design of the device partly also came to us from the intimate sphere.

The gadget, given the place of application, is completely sealed and there are no holes here.

It charges with the help of a special docking station.

Here on one side of the case is a MicroUSB connector. The time to full charge is declared - about 1 hour, and Elvie will work in training mode for up to 30 days.

She also performs the functions of a container for transportation.

In fact, one of the advantages that manufacturers note is that the simulator is compact and delicately packaged, and you can easily take it with you without attracting attention.

The complete set of the device includes instructions, a simulator, a special nozzle-magnifier and a cable for charging the gadget.

Both the gadget and the nozzle are made of silicone without the addition of rubber and latex, which should eliminate any discomfort, for example, allergic reactions to the same latex, which are very common.

To eliminate the “loss” of the device inside the body, a “tail” is provided.

You cannot call it long enough, but impossible to lose.

Everything is decent here, but nonetheless

At the same time, despite the fact that it “keeps its shape”, it is soft and flexible, there is no steel rod, and such a tail will not press, rub, cause any discomfort, etc.

In general, the impressions of the use are positive , and the device is made pretty well outside, so perhaps the only thing that can cause some complaints - again, given the confined space of use - sometimes loses touch with the smartphone, but quickly recovers.

What about the content?

The gadget is paired with the application ( IOS / Android ). Functionally and visually, they are no different.

When registering, of course, you will be prompted to calibrate the profile.

Here you can determine the "degree of readiness", then to select the appropriate level. In this case, the device acts as the very “gadget” that Kegel invented:

Self-testing takes place according to several parameters: Force, Ripple, Compression, Hold, Speed, Ladder.

Then you can choose a training mode:

What expects at each level, you can see in a short abstract thesis:

And then, perhaps, the most valuable that offers Elvie. You need to understand that any training is always an effort, and our body most often wants to relax and rest. Those who forced themselves to go for a run in the morning or in the evening - to the gym will probably confirm that they always want to postpone, reschedule, etc.

Training with Elvie is designed in such a way that they drag out, they want to be repeated, because they are done in a playful way. Somewhere you need to get into the cloud.

Somewhere to practice accuracy in a consistent hit on round targets:

Or hold a pearl in a circle for a while:

It’s pretty exciting and motivating. Say, if you didn’t hit all the targets, then you want to “replay” or next time make the best result. Moreover, after each stage of training, a person immediately sees his success:

Gamification even in such a delicate topic is an excellent solution. This is distracting, entertaining and motivating to improve the result. Moreover, there is some “substitution of concepts”. No gloomy thoughts about problems hang over the user, but the task is only to drive the pearl into the target!

Statistics are available in the application in the form of graphs:

Here you can see in detail the results of each stage of the training:

Moreover, statistics are stored in the cloud, and when switching between devices under the same login, it does not go anywhere. The same, for example, can be viewed on Android.

Additionally, it is worth noting again the reminder system. The application allows you to set the goals of training, and the time of alerts that it is time to start classes.

For those who are interested in buying Elvie (and he is not the cheapest ), we can provide a 10% discount on the promo: HBRKEGEL . Until the end of October.

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