New Tizen Mobile OS Announced: Tizen 2.0

    Yes, despite some gloomy predictions that many analysts previously gave, the Tizen OS continues to evolve. On Habré about this OS already wrote several times, both in detail, and casually, just mentioning a novelty. And now, developers have introduced the source code and developer kit for Tizen 2.0.

    As previously written, this operating system is designed for mobile devices, including phones, tablets and other types of devices. Among other things, this OS is “tailored” for web applications, including those that are written in HTML5.

    Tizen 2.0 adds APIs that allow developers to work with Bluetooth and NFC modules without problems (of course, on devices that are equipped with these modules). Plus, developer tools have been enhanced. By the way, here is the kernel diagram of this system (previously the diagram was already published on Habré, but it doesn’t bother to remember):

    Tizen is an OS that is developed not by one company, but by a whole community. One of the main participants in the community is the South Korean company Samsung, which is currently actively working with Android OS. By the way, there are special signs that Samsung, after starting working with this OS, will immediately abandon Android. Not at all. But Tizen is a profitable solution for this and some other companies, as representatives of the Tizen community, so to speak, will be able to take control of the system, which is impossible in the case of Adnroid.

    Of course, if the Tizen community succeeds in the commercial success of products based on this OS, more and more companies will transfer their products to this platform. But this is still quite a long way off.

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