Rambler Cards close

    In fact, this news is already known to almost all interested parties. And now that we have almost settled all the formalities, it's time to talk about this closure. We know that many of you appreciated our service: they looked for addresses, built routes, used a car navigator.

    But, unfortunately, despite all its advantages, the project was unable to compete with the leaders of the segment and did not fit into the new strategy of the company. Therefore, they decided to close it.

    Rambler-Cards will be closed in stages - we will enable users to find an alternative to our project. All components will be closed until April 15, but for now, we recommend switching to using other services.

    Instead of Rambler Maps:

    Instead of the Rambler Maps API:

    Google and Yandex APIs

    Instead of the Rambler-Cards mobile application:

    Rambler-Card Team

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