Zend Optimizer + finally posted on github

    A couple of weeks ago, Zeev Suraski, one of the main contributors to PHP and part-time co-founder Zend, proposed including Zend Optimizer + in the core of PHP.
    Zend Optimizer + is, like Apc, an opcode cache. But, unlike Apc, it is also good at applying standard code optimization patterns.
    In addition, the optimizer provides one good boon - its development is supported by a commercial organization, for example, stable support for traits appeared in it almost simultaneously with the release of PHP 5.4, while APC had to wait about six months. At the moment, it already supports PHP 5.5.

    Also, according to the statements of its developers, in many cases it surpasses Apc in speed up to 50% (however, this is synthetic). On a real, completely uncomplicated application, the increase in page generation speed was about 10% (compared to Apc), but I think in more complex applications its optimization can be more useful.
    At the moment, the optimizer works fine with symphony, but there was an issue on the github relative to the Nette framework, and was promptly closed. In general, there are still obviously bugs in the optimizer, because Before, only users of Zend Server used it, of whom there are not many, so he did not receive proper 'folk' testing, but despite this, bugs quickly fix, so ... let's test!
    Project repository is here, there is also an instruction on how to assemble it under Linux, if you want to use it under Windows, you can take ready-made binaries from here .
    By the way, you can read what optimizations are used in different circles of hell passes in the comments in the Optimizer / pass * .c files.

    PS directive save_comments, when set to zero, breaks the work of libraries that rely on annotations. Read README carefully.

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