Love small businesses

    Today is February 14th, and although many of you probably do not like this holiday or do not pay any attention to it, Jack Dorsey's Square company shows interesting statistics. And masterfully connects facts, research results, own promotion and bright creativity in one bottle.
    The #lovelocal project of Square mobile payment operator demonstrates unusual statistics and gives ideas for original gifts (without forgetting to offer a gift certificate of our own production).

    Watch a beautiful music video specially created for Valentine's Day:

    The whole idea of ​​the advertising campaign is built around attention to the small business that surrounds us and where we can buy small gifts for our beloved ones - cakes in the form of hearts, teddy bears, flowers and cozy cafes for romantic meetings. Adding the hashtag #lovelocal you get into the list of offers with gifts from Square. Brilliantly accurate hit in the target audience and targeted message.

    I will give only some interesting quotes from the site:
    8 billion

    8 billion heart-shaped sweets are produced each year for lovers.

    Think outside the box with chocolate

    82% of people say they would like to experience experiences ...

    Americans spent 13 billion dollars last year on Valentine's Day

    This year, share your love with small business.

    Send flowers to someone

    15% of people buy and send flowers to themselves.

    See the rest of the funny and well-illustrated numbers on the #lovelocal promo site , and I ran for gifts!

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