From DevCon with love! Only 4 days low price + achivka for lovers


    Dear developers, testers and everyone involved in software development! In honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day, the team of organizers of the DevCon 2013 conference gives you the opportunity to get tickets for two days of technical buzz at a special price.

    Any participant, having requested an invoice from February 12 to February 15 inclusive and having paid it within 2 weeks, can become a participant in the conference at the lowest price - for only 12 900 rubles (regular price 14888 rubles) .

    In addition, all participants of the action in the event of payment of a ticket automatically become the happy owners of the first achievement in the framework of the competition "Hunters for achievements" - "In love with development." Hurry up to register !


    Achievement unlocked! DevCon 2013 and the Achievement Hunters contest

    On behalf of the organizers of the DevCon 2013 conference, I am pleased to announce a competition that will be held as part of the event. This year, the DevCon conference will receive a set of achievements (achievements) that all participants of the two-day event will be able to earn. These achievements will be distributed for the different activities of the participant during the conference. And then, based on the results of all the activities, we will reward the best participants with the highest number of achievements and post information about them in the conference hall of fame on the official website.

    We have prepared a whole set of achievements for various actions that can be recruited at the conference. After each such achievement, the participant receives a badge as an insignia. For two days of the event, anyone can dial a lot of such badges. Each of them is unique, it is impossible to get two identical ones. Some achievements will be issued in parallel and the participant will have to choose which achievement to fight for. Received insignia can be worn on your badge.

    Those visitors who purchase tickets for the Valentine’s Day promotion will receive their first unique achievement:


    you can take it on the first day upon arrival at the conference, getting a head start in the competition for achievement hunters !

    About DevCon 2013

    The DevCon conference has been held for several years and has already managed to fall in love with Russian developers and guests from other countries. The key feature of this series of conferences is its suburban format, the venue is carefully selected from the best resorts in the Moscow Region. At the same time, all participants of the conference call in to a country holiday home and live in it for two days of the conference, receiving all the pleasant advantages of these places.

    The key themes for DevCon 2013 will be:

    • Modern client applications
    • Mobile development
    • Cloud computing
    • Software Development and Lifecycle Management Tools
    • Development Technologies and Programming Languages
    • Development, monetization and promotion of applications for application stores
    • Microsoft Modern Design
    • Corporate development, data processing

    In addition, conference participants will have unique access to the school of functional programming, intensive training on software testing and a master class by Gaidar Magdanurov from Runa Capital.

    You can read more about the DevCon 2013 conference in this announcement or on the official website . Follow the news of the conference on Twitter @msdevcon and the hashtag #msdevcon

    Registration for the conference is already open ! Tickets are on sale fast. Hurry to take your places!

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