The first household appliances

    Having the honor of being born at the end of the 20th century, few of us think about how life looked without modern technology in the youth of our ancestors. Usually on Habré they write about heavy diskettes ( 5 kilobytes per 1 kg ), etc., but let's talk about everyday life today.

    Britasky project HistoryPin under the sponsorship of charity We Are What We Do in conjunction with nPower and Mirrorpix a constantly growing collection of old photos. This selection provides an opportunity to imagine what the first household appliances were.

    Here, for example, is one of the first toasters called D12, which was in great demand in the market, manufactured by General Electric, 1909:

    And so the first hair dryer looked. This is the year 1890. The device consisted of two heating devices and a wooden handle:

    Dishwasher model 1969. Joseph Cochrane is considered the inventor of this home appliance, who patented the dishwasher back in 1886. Since then, the invention has found application where it was necessary to wash a lot of dishes. But the dishwasher began to be used in household appliances only four decades ago:

    The Regency TR-1 transistor receiver was the smallest battery- powered radio in 1955:

    This was the 1908 Henry Hoover vacuum cleaner:

    Motorola DynaTAC 8000x was introduced to the public in 1983- m year, was considered portable and allowed to talk for 30 minutes. In standby mode, it withstood 8 hours of operation:

    The microwave was invented in 1946, it was launched into production in the late 1940s in the United States, and in Britain since 1959. Pictured is a model of the second half of the 1960s: The

    dream of every housewife in the early twentieth century was a washing machine. They patented the device in 1906. In the photo is a model produced in 1927:

    It looks like a stove, one of the first receivers of a television signal. The 1930 model was not very popular. In total, about a thousand of such televisions were sold:

    The first metal refrigerator in 1927, called Monitor Top. The compressor from above looked like an artillery mount on a warship:

    These were the technical characteristics of the teapot of 1922: nine minutes and you can make tea. The first models began to appear back in the 1890s:

    It will be interesting to hear what your grandparents told you?

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