Dexp brazen chinese spy

    Probably it is not a secret to anyone that many Chinese manufacturers disregard the privacy of their consumers, their reputation and are not ashamed to drive Trojans directly into their firmware.

    Below is a brief experience with one such representative of the Chinese prom. Phone DEXP Ixion M545.

    There will not be a copy, just a small note. I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos, I took them to another phone.

    Friends have addressed the problem. The first phone for the child was purchased based on the criteria of low price, small size for a small child's hand, ips screen.

    Especially the phone was not exploited, communication with the phone for the child has so far been limited.
    During the week everything seemed fine.

    However, one fine day, at 3 o'clock in the morning, the phone screamed with the obscene sounds of a screaming woman at full volume in ecstasy of a woman, it was only possible to turn it off by pulling out the battery.

    After that, other oddities came to mind, for example, when the phone was put on gymnastics in the kitchen and everyone left, there was a loud sound of a broken bottle. Running up to the kitchen everything turned out to be whole.

    Barabashka? Now it is clear that the drummer was sitting on the phone and periodically looked at the situation through the cameras and had a good time.

    Actually phone


    In an inconspicuous daddy such photos were found.


    What it is? And this is the ceiling, which the drummer appraising the situation, sfotkal while charging the phone on the table. There are completely dark pictures, so the drummer understood that it was night now. Or photos of decanters when the phone was lying on the charge in the kitchen.

    Well, actually the treatment process.

    The first three pieces found Kaspersky.


    But scans that did not see the anti-virus, but spun in memory: / a1219535636d2d401f95c0b4146e45c68a94239c8bc1c09c1c48ac8a9948e2b9 / analysis

    For the rest of the applications, all rights were killed, the update of this smartphone was nailed, the option “do not trust unknown sources” was removed by default.

    I do not know who the drummer is, a student who made a firmware for Uncle Liao by a handful of rice, making a botnet for fun at the same time. Or a bored pedophile fighter of the Chinese intelligence army, who wanted to have some fun, one thing is clear.

    A firm that admits this should be noted by both buyers and the relevant import control authorities.

    The Internet is littered with complaints about the vulnerability of the phones of this company.

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