The arsenal of the British army received a helicopter weighing 16 grams

    The tiny PD-100 PRS Black Hornet drone , created by the Norwegian company Prox Dynamics, is designed for operational video surveillance and reconnaissance both indoors and outdoors. With it, you can look around the corner or behind a suspicious bush, pre-look for shelters and advancement paths on an unfamiliar battlefield. The device weighs 16 grams and has a rotor diameter of only 120 millimeters, but its characteristics and functionality are completely inconsistent with toy sizes.

    Black Hornet is equipped with a rotary camera, the picture from which is transmitted to a distance of one kilometer, subject to direct visibility. The helicopter is capable of operating at wind speeds of up to 10 knots (about 5 m / s), and its own maximum speed is 10 m / s. On a single charge of batteries, it can fly up to 30 minutes. But perhaps his brain is most impressive, not his muscles.

    In addition to accelerometers and gyroscopes, the PD-100 is equipped with air pressure sensors that help it automatically resist drift by wind. The autopilot takes on almost all the work of piloting - you can not only freeze in one place, focusing on the picture from the camera, but also set the route for flying around the territory. The helicopter is oriented in space using GPS.

    The scope of supply, in addition to the helicopter itself, includes a control panel the size of a small tablet, a charging station and a protective case. The weight of the complete set is about 1 kg. The first devices are already in use in Afghanistan . The British Department of Defense will soon purchase the first batch of 160 PD-100. Although civilian PD-100 applications are listed on the company's website, the price of one kit has not yet been announced.

    Demonstration of the prototype PD-100:

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