Wine port on Android

    At the FOSDEM conference , which takes place on February 2nd and 3rd in Brussels, Alexander Dzhulliard, the leader of the Wine project, announced that Wine will be ported to Android under ARM.

    Wine is an alternative implementation of the Windows API that allows you to run Windows applications on Linux \ Unix and Mac OS. Projects such as ReactOS and Cedega use Wine in one way or another.

    Alexander showed a small demo, which still has performance problems and several other shortcomings, but all of them will be fixed before the release of the final version.

    So soon, the lucky owners of Android smartphones will be able to pamper their devices with Paint, Word, or maybe someone will even be able to run Photoshop. Given that the flagships can now contain 4 cores and 4 gigabytes of RAM, I will not be surprised at all in a couple of years. And of course, the fact that Alexander already has groundwork looks very promising.

    UPD 1: If you believe the source, then we are talking about the ARM version of Android.


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