Nokia Secure Phones - An Excursion into History

    It was the year 2000. Nokia 3310, which later became a cult, only gained popularity. The same device, which for many was the ideal of an unkillable, trouble-free phone, did not actually have special protection. In the same year, a truly protected model, Nokia 6250 , saw the light of the day.

    Nokia 6250

    This device with a strict design withstood falling from a three-meter height onto a hard surface, diving to a depth of 0.5 m for 10 minutes, and its body was resistant to dust and dirt. According to the instructions, the phone could be washed under running water in the off state. All this suggests that the Nokia 6250 had a protection class of at least IP67. The phone was built on a business platform, supported WAP (by CSD), had 255 cells in a notebook, an organizer, a stopwatch, an infrared port and built-in games. In addition, a noise level indicator was installed in the model.

    Nokia 5210

    The next protected model was the Nokia 5210, released in 2002.
    This model was primarily aimed at young people who are actively involved in sports and tourism. Moisture protection was not a priority here: the phone was not sealed and had only splash protection. But thanks to the soft rubberized material of the case, he could withstand falls and bumps. The vivid color solutions of the Nokia 5210 case were complemented by the ability to change the case yourself (Xpress-on shells) in case of damage or to update the appearance. Its functionality also spoke of the youthful orientation of the device - games appeared on the phone, and when an incoming call came in, the Nokia 5210 vibrated to the rhythm of the ringtone.

    Nokia 5100

    In 2003, the Nokia 5100 replaced the 5210. Like its predecessor, the device did not have a high degree of security, but rather had increased resistance to damage and some protection against moisture. The Nokia 5100 is Nokia's first secure phone with a color screen, polyphonic ringtones, FM radio and Java support. In addition, it was possible to purchase a plug-in camera. As a legacy from the grandfather of 6250, the phone received the function of measuring the noise level.

    Nokia 5140

    The model continued the line of youth sports phones. Technology did not stand still - and the new product, released in 2004, was already equipped with EDGE support and the Push-to-Talk function. In addition, a VGA camera was built into the phone and it was possible to purchase an additional GPS module. In 2005, an updated version, 5140i, was released, which featured an improved display, support for mp3 format melodies and a built-in email client. No changes were made to the hull structure.

    Nokia 5500

    In the spring of 2006, a phone, unique for that time, was released - Nokia 5500 for that time. The device, created on the basis of the S60 3rd Edition with the Symbian OS v9.1 operating system, differed from the previous three models in the housing design: instead of two detachable halves of the Xpress-ontm shell the case was built on a combination of a metal frame and rubber. As additional accessories, the Nokia 5500 also included a strap, a case with a clip, a memory card and a stereo headset with adapters. A modification was also released for music lovers, the Nokia 5500 Sport Music Edition, in a different color scheme and with a different set of delivery. It included a 512 MB memory card, a fitness strap, and a bike mount.

    Nokia 3720 Classic

    The continuation of the idea of ​​a monolithic secure phone was Nokia 3720 Classic, released in 2009. Externally, the phone did not look as aggressive as the previous models, it was created on the basis of the S40 and looked like a completely urban phone. Protection was provided by a rubberized case, a screw back cover, connector caps, a monolithic keyboard and a metal frame around the entire phone. The device already had more impressive communication capabilities, supported microSD memory cards up to 8 GB, had a built-in 2 MP camera with flash and a TFT-display with a resolution of 240x320. The protection class was provided according to the IP54 standard.

    Our days

    In recent years, due to the tendency to switch to touch screens, protected phones have almost ceased to be produced. Conditionally, the successor of these models can be called Nokia N8 in an aluminum case and with a protective glass Gorilla Glass. However, he did not think specifically as a secure phone.
    And now it's time to talk about the newest of the phones, more precisely Nokia smartphones, which can be called the successor of the old protected models. We are talking about Nokia Lumia 820.

    Nokia Lumia 820


    Of course, someone will say that shock resistance is not a key feature of the device here, but thanks to the Nokia CC-3040 protective case, the device is really well protected from harmful influences.

    Let's take a closer look at this case. We call it Protective Shell, as this is the case, and not just a removable panel.

    "Shell" is made of two materials: polycarbonate and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, otherwise - ABS plastic, in two different colors. The main color to choose from is yellow, green or orange, the second color is black. The case is matte, a little thicker than the standard, but still comfortably lies in the hand.
    ABS plastic is characterized by the following properties:
    • Opaque material of a yellowish tint (however, there is a transparent modification). It is painted in various colors.
    • Increased impact resistance and elasticity
    • Non-toxicity
    • Durability
    • Resistance to alkalis and detergents
    • Moisture resistance
    • Oil resistance
    • Acid
    resistance • Heat resistance 103 ° C (up to 113 ° C for modified grades)
    • Wide range of operating temperatures (from −40 ° C to + 90 ° C)
    As you understand, taking into account these characteristics, the new Lumia 820 in a protected case is not only capable of to survive not the most careful attitude to yourself, but also argue on resistance to external influences with the legendary Nokia 3310.

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