Friendship Day - 50% discount on all IDE JetBrains for our friends

    UPD 1
    Friends, we received a lot of requests to in connection with the action. We will answer and help everyone with the purchase / renewal, but it will take some time. Please do not worry - everyone who wrote to us will receive a discount.

    UPD 2
    Several important clarifications:
    1. For this promotion, you can buy a new subscription or extend the current one only for 1 year.
    2. A subscription, which expires in a year or more, cannot be extended for a share.
    3. If you already have a subscription, you can renew it. Buy another subscription to the same product within one account can not.

    Do you know that there is such a holiday as International Friendship Day ? Honestly, we ourselves were not aware of, and he just today. And we thought: we have so many friends all over the world, more than 5 million! So we decided to celebrate the holiday and at the same time remind all our friends how much you mean to us.

    We offer to start celebrating right now and finish on August 1st. And to make the holiday a success, you need not so much: get together in a pleasant place with good company and, of course, take care of the gifts. We thought for a long time what to give this to both old and new friends, and this is what they came up with:

    From this moment and for 50 hours until Wednesday, August 1, 2018, 19:05 Moscow time (GMT + 3), we give a discount of 50 % for all products JetBrains Toolbox .

    Yes, yes it is: 50% for the purchase of new personal annual subscriptions, and for renewal. All Products Pack with all 15 products is also involved in the promotion.

    It may seem that 50 hours is a long time, but they will fly very quickly. Give yourself the tools of JetBrains or extend your existing subscription - and let's celebrate!

    And also: a true friend will make sure that his friends also have the best development tools. Take advantage of the opportunity and prove to your friends that you remember them on this day. If they also program, tell them about the JetBrains offer , and let our friendly family grow!

    Happy Friendship Day!
    Your friends from JetBrains

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