Google patented a smartphone with 8 flashes

    The other day, on January 29, 2013, google received a patent , the application for which was filed back in September last year, which describes a smartphone equipped immediately with eight (excuse me, if correctly “eight”) flashes located around the lens of the photomodule. Flashes can fire simultaneously, and also separately from each other depending on the degree of illumination.
    So probably the next nexus will have this somewhat unusual flash.

    LED flash is known to be worse than xenon, but maybe several LEDs can finally give enough lighting to achieve xenon quality. With less power consumption and less thickness.

    So what to do with multiple flashes?

    The first thing that comes to mind is to use them together at the same time, providing a good glow, and less shadow.

    You can also use a selective number of flashes, based on the current light, in order not to overdo it, because a lot of light is also bad.

    And in HDR this will find application by taking several shots in a row with a different number of LEDs involved, and then combining them all into one photo of good quality.

    Well, if you show imagination, you can come up with something with the processing of the shadow from each flash and then analyze each shot to get an approximate volume of the object, for example.

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