Web Application Logic and Web Development

    There was a lot of extra time, I decided to allocate 3 main, in my opinion, web application logic.
    1. Type "slave and master."
    2. Uniform type.
    3. I did not come up with the name type.

    I will divide the logic according to a simple principle: the amount of client / server code, the distribution of the view and controller on the client and server.

    Type slave and lord.

    All logic falls on the server, only a small part on the client.
    The ratio of the code volume: client - 5%, server - 95%.
    VC distribution: almost everything on the server.
    Web 1.0 sites.
    Sites on browsers without js.
    FullAjax sites (for example, built on xAjax) in which the browser stupidly executes all the scripts that came from the server.

    Uniform type.

    Uniform distribution of logic.
    The ratio of the code volume: client - 40%, server - 60%.
    VC distribution: the view is divided equally - the client can draw some elements sent by the server (sliders, popup windows, etc.), most of the controller on the server, the client is responsible for validating the forms.
    Typical web 2.0 sites with all sorts of widgets from Prototype, jQuery, MooTools, ExtJS, YUI ...

    I did not come up with the name type.

    Most of it falls on the client.
    The ratio of the code volume: client - 70%, server - 30%.
    VC distribution: the whole view is on the client (the client draws itself based on the data sent, which is much less than the code that the client draws), most of the controller is also on the client (all validation is on the client). Client cannot work without javascript.
    GMail (main), well, all Google products.

    It seems to me that now web applications are moving from a uniform type to type number 3, its advantages are obvious: low load on the server, dynamism on the client.
    Downloading a large amount of scripts can be isolated from not terrible downsides, but there is a way, is already there - all the main js frameworks can be downloaded on 1 server, as did Google, and upload them once a day)

    on the horizon can be seen already 4 type, served by Google, being a modification of type 3 - all GoogleGears applications.

    I believe that all sites will remain at stage 2 (type) due to the limited ability to index javascript-generated content, although Google seems to have taken this into account =)

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