SecondLight: dual touchscreen or Surface on steroids

    The research unit of Microsoft Research in Cambridge has upgraded the proprietary interface Surface . The new prototype is called SecondLight. As you can see in the demonstration video ( WMV ), if you hold some opaque material above the table, then there will be another picture on it.

    Thus, we get two screens. For example, on the table you can show a satellite map of the area, and on the top sheet to project street names. Or on the table there is an image of a car, and if you hold a sheet above it, then its design will be shown from the inside.

    In fact, here the image is projected from underthe table. The table itself is an LCD display, which, imperceptibly to the eye, quickly switches to a transparent state to let the image through. The eye does not notice these periods of transparency, but the picture is successfully projected through the table, and it looks very impressive.

    Moreover, using an infrared camera, the second display can even be used as a multi-touch.

    via PCPro

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