Ramos W41 - 4-core tablet at an affordable price

    A year after the release of the Rockchip RK3066 and Amlogic 8726-MX dual-core chips, Chinese manufacturers are again updating their chip fleet.
    So, this year we are waiting for such 4-core solutions:
    Allwinner A31 - 4 Cortex-A7 cores with a frequency of up to 1.4 GHz, PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPU.
    Rockchip RK3188 - 4 Cortex-A9 cores with a frequency of up to 1.8 GHz, Mali 400MP4 GPU.
    Actions ATM7029 / ATM7025 - 4 Cortex-A9 cores with a frequency of up to 1.5 GHz (1 GHz in ATM7025), Vivante GC1000 + GPU.

    Of the well-known, but not very common in Chinese products, the Samsung Exynos 4412 chip was used - 4 Cortex-A9 cores with a frequency of up to 1.4 GHz, Mali 400MP4 GPU.

    The fate of the Freescale i.MX 6 Quad chip introduced last year (4 Cortex A9 1.2GHz cores, CPU Vivante GC2000) is still vague. My colleaguevvzvlad already wrote about the Ampe A10 Quad tablet . A very promising chip, but the Vivante GC2000 GPU did not receive good support from the developers, which is why there are problems with 3D games.

    Of the new screens we expect:
    9.7-inch tablets with IPS screen resolution of 2048x1536 pixels.
    10.1-inch tablets with a screen resolution of 1920x1200 pixels.
    And of the new products on the Chinese market - 9.4-inch tablets with a screen resolution of 1280x800.
    The main problem with all tablets made in China is the quality of the screens. In the case of 9.4 inches, manufacturers have chosen the right solution - use the proven screen produced by LG Display for Sony Tablet S.
    At the moment, there are only 3 tablets with a diagonal of 9.4 inches. These are Pipo M8 on RK3066, Ramos W42 on Samsung Exynos 4412, Ramos W41 on Actions ATM7025.
    The price of Ramos W42 is quite high (~ $ 250), Pipo M8 on the RK3066 can be attributed to the "obsolete". Of the interesting remains the Ramos W41 tablet, which will be discussed in this review.


    Model: Ramos W41
    Chip: Actions ATM7025
    CPU: Cortex-A9 1.1GHz ,, 4
    GPU cores : Vivante GC1000 +, 2 cores
    Screen: 9.4 "1280x800, IPS, LG Display
    RAM: 1GB
    ROM: 16GB
    Wifi 802.11 b / g / n
    Bluetooth : no
    GPS: no
    Battery: 6000mAh

    The trend is the same as last year - the tablet is used only as a "sofa" multimedia device. No 3G and GPS.

    Appearance and equipment

    The tablet comes in a box made of thick cardboard:

    At the back, the general characteristics of the tablet:

    In the box is a compartment for the tablet:

    And underneath is a compartment with accessories:

    Accessories: headphones, USB cable, OTG cable, charger with adapter:

    Charger 5V / 2.5A :

    Long manual in Chinese:

    From which we learn more detailed characteristics:

    Additional covers were made of PU leather (decent quality) and headphones Ramos RX100.

    Headphones 32 Ohm, 18Hz - 22KHz. The wire is rubberized, which does not give a chance to tie the headphones into a bundle. Sound quality at the Sennheiser MX 170 level.

    The tablet is made in strict design:

    The volume buttons and the power button are on a par with the case, which makes them difficult to use. From the interfaces there is a microUSB port, a microSD memory card slot, an input for headphones, an input for a charger. HDMI is missing.


    Front 0.3MP camera:

    Rear 2MP camera with interpolation up to 5MP:

    There is a metal insert on the back that easily prints:

    The speaker is also located at the back:
    Quite loud, the case vibrates at maximum volume.

    Weighing 535 grams, the tablet can be held with one hand, the frame around the screen is wide, the visible part does not close with the finger:


    Different tablet screen sizes are suitable for different needs. For example, 7 inches is ideal for continuous carrying and serves as a universal tool for work and leisure. 9.7 "or 10.1" is not so convenient and more suitable for home use.
    9.4-inch screens for Chinese tablets can be called a novelty. Ramos W41 has an IPS screen with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels. On such a screen, it is comfortable to watch movies, play games, and edit various documents.
    Let's see a visual comparison of the screens 7 ", 9.4", 10.1 ":

    It is worth noting the high brightness of the screen and color saturation.


    Viewing angles:



    The signal level near the router is not bad:


    Let's look again at the characteristics of the 4 core chips that will be used in tablets in the form of a table:

    ChipProcess technologyArchitectureCPU frequencyGPU
    Actions ATM7029 / ATM702540nmCortex-a91.5GHz / 1GHzVivante GC1000 + 1100MHz (2 cores)
    Allwinner A3140nmCortex-a71.4GHzPowerVR SGX544MP2 400MHz (2 cores, 4 threads)
    Rockchip RK318828nmCortex-a91.8GHzMali 400MP4 533MHz (4 cores)
    Samsung Exynos 441232nmCortex-a91.4-1.6GHzMali 400MP4 400MHz (4 cores)
    Freescale i.MX6 Quad40nmCortex-a91.2GHzVivante GC2000 533MHz (4 cores)

    An interesting option is the 28nm Rockchip RK3188 chip with a 1.8GHz CPU frequency and the popular overclocked Mali 400MP4 GPU running at 533MHz. Several tablets have already been planned on this chip, which will go on sale in early to mid-March.

    But back to our Actions ATM7025 chip manufactured by Actions Semiconductors, the main alleged problem of which could be compatibility with 3D games due to the use of the new Vivante GC1000 + GPU.
    Information about this chip is not yet available both in the English version of Actions Semiconductors and in Chinese .
    There are 2 new chips from Actions: ATM7025 and ATM7029. At the moment, of the known differences is the frequency: 1 GHz in ATM7025 and 1.5 GHz ATM7029. The manufacturer’s official website does not specify which chip is used in the Ramos W41. And judging by the information from the brochure - the younger model Action ATM7025 is installed, which operates at a frequency of 1.1 GHz

    Cortex-A9 or Cortex-A5?
    The tablet manufacturer claims the CPU is Cortex-A9, but let's look at the system information in Android System Info:

    As can be seen from the value of the CPU part 0xc05 parameter, Android System Info hints at the Cortex-A5.
    Looking at the Features line, we see that there is support for vfp v4, but Cortex-A9 only supports vfp v3.
    Based on this information, 2 assumptions can be made:
    1) Actions ATM7025 uses Cortex-A5.
    2) The manufacturer added support for vpf v4 in Cortex-A9 and, for the correct definition, impersonates Cortex-A5.

    By the way, in the latest firmware update, the CPU part string mysteriously disappeared from the CPU information in Android System Info.

    Let's go directly to testing the performance of our Ramos W41 tablet. After each test, there will be a summary table with the test results for the following tablets:
    1. Ramos W41: 9.4 "1280x800, ATM7025, 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM
    2. Ampe A10 Quad Core: 10.1" 1280x800, Freescale i.MX6 Quad, 1Gb RAM, 16GB ROM
    3. Cube U21GT: 7 "1280x800, Rockchip RK3066, 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM

    Let's start by testing with Antutu versions 3.0.3 and 3.1.1.

    Antutu 3.1.1:
    Ramos w41Ampe A10 Quad CoreCube u21gt
    CPU INT313030401419
    CPU FLOAT21542236443

    The performance of the Actions ATM7025 and Freescale i.MX6 chips is about the same. Rockchip RK3066 is a little behind.

    Antutu 3.0.3:

    Ramos w41Ampe A10 Quad CoreCube u21gt
    CPU INT317331541864
    CPU FLOAT227523081425

    Qudrant 2.1.1:

    Ramos w41Ampe A10 Quad CoreCube u21gt
    I / O443339766534

    Freescale i.MX 6 Quad breaks the lead in the CPU test, Actions ATM7025 grazes the back with a total score of 2800 points.


    Ramos w41Ampe A10 Quad CoreCube u21gt
    Singe thread03/2733.9635.98
    Multi thread62.84114.0491.717

    Quite strange results in Linpack - 2-core Rockchip bypasses 4-core Actions. The results of the i.MX 6 Quad are more like the truth.

    Nenamark 2:

    Ramos w41Ampe A10 Quad CoreCube u21gt
    42.3 fps35.6 fps57.1 fps

    Mali 400MP4 does a great job at Nenamark 2.


    Ramos w41Ampe A10 Quad CoreCube u21gt
    HTML 58819981410

    Vellamo "does not recognize" 4 cores and Rockchip RK3066 goes around everyone.

    Summarizing the results of synthetic tests, we can conclude that relying on them is not worth it. They are too unpredictable to draw conclusions about performance. After a firmware upgrade, the results should be better. For example, on factory firmware from January 9, Antutu 3.1.1 scored only 5700 points, and already on firmware from February 2, the result exceeds 10,000.


    In the new 4-core chips, Allwinner A31, Actions, Rockchip RK3188 added support for playing video in 4096p format. To play this format in the system there is a special player. But I was not able to play a test video in this format, maybe this problem will be fixed in the next firmware.
    Familiar 1080p and 720p play without problems:


    In Fruit Ninja, up to 8 simultaneous touches allow you to make slides, when using 10 points at once, the slide no longer turns out to be long.

    But with 3D games there are problems. Some may not start, and some have problems displaying textures. But there are those that work just fine. For example, Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted:


    Preinstalled Android 4.1.1:


    Working hours

    Test results under the following conditions: 30% screen brightness, continuous downloading of files via Wifi, about 80 minutes of downtime:

    When watching a video (720x400), screen brightness 50%, sound through headphones, Wifi turned off, the tablet worked for more than 8 hours:

    Antutu Tester results :



    + excellent screen
    + battery life
    + price


    - the problem of compatibility of 3D games
    - lack of HDMI, Bluetooth In

    total, for a small price we got a tablet with a high-quality screen, and if the developers will support Vivante GC1000 +, we will get the most optimal 4-core tablet.


    The price of a Ramos W41 tablet is ~ $ 170 including shipping.
    Prices of the comparison tablets: 10.1 "Ampe A10 Quad ~ $ 200, Cube U21GT ~ $ 100.

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