RIM is dead, long live BlackBerry


    At today's presentation of BlackBerry 10, Research In Motion introduced not only a new operating system and devices , but also a rebranding of the company itself, AllThingsD writes . RIM took the name of its main product: now the company will be called BlackBerry and will be traded under the BBRY ticker on the NASDAQ and under BB on TSX.

    According to Torsten Haines, CEO, “One brand is one promise. Our customers use BlackBerry, our employees work for BlackBerry, and our shareholders own BlackBerry. From today, we are BlackBerry all over the world. ”


    In addition, a global creative director has appeared in BlackBerry. They were none other than Alisha Keyes. Kish says she will work closely with BlackBerry developers and is “fascinated by technology,” but The Verge writes that her role is more like another celebrity: Will.i.am, who was previously named Intel's Director of Creative Innovation.

    In general, this is a pretty sharp turn - two weeks ago Alisha called herself “iPhone junky” (iPhone addict). Now, she is going to take the BlackBerry on tour and shoot clips on it in every city she visits.

    However, it seems that all these movements of the former Research In Motion did not impress investors. Mashable reportsthat before the presentation, the stock rose 5% to $ 16.62, but after the announcement of the new BlackBerry phones 10, the stock fell 11% to $ 14.41, or 6% per day.

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