GeForce Experience Available for Download


    The nVidia website has the opportunity to download the GeForce Experience program (beta version so far), which automatically optimizes the graphics settings of video games, as well as monitors the release of new drivers.

    Briefly about the features of the program can be found in the video, also available at the link above

    The list of supported games is still small, but the most popular modern games are almost all there.

    After installing the program, it immediately searches for games and checks for new drivers. I liked very much that the program found all my folders with games itself, but for some reason added the standard folders C: \ Program Files .. into which I never put games. The list of folders can be edited in the program settings (screenshots are clickable): Also in the settings update options, language selection and the ability to enable the registration of Windows events are available. The tab “Drivers” contains information about the versions of drivers and the availability of new versions available for download. Download and install drivers right here.

    The "Games" tab contains a list of games marked whether the game is optimized or not. What I really liked was the availability of several screenshots indicating the details for which this or that item of graphic settings is responsible


    In games, in the graphics settings, there is often an item called “Recommended Settings”. And as far as I can remember, the recommended parameters have never been close to the maximum of what my computer was actually capable of. Therefore, I never use this item. I do not exclude, of course, that in modern games it works as it should, but I’m already used to setting the settings myself.
    NVidia decided to save users from manual settings and took control of everything. “The GeForce Experience will connect you to the NVIDIA cloud data center to get the best gaming settings suitable for your PC, depending on your CPU, GPU and monitor.” Given the experience of nVidia, it looks very promising.

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