StarCraft II: Heart of The Swarm introductory video released

    True, he came out on January 22, but for some reason no one wanted to mention it.

    StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm will be released March 12, 2013.

    “The Queen of Blades is over. On the terrible planet Char, in a desperate attempt to stop the zerg invasion of the Koprulu sector, Jim Raynor activated the ancient Zel'naga artifact. Under his influence, the human face returned to Sarah Kerrigan. The Zerg were left without a queen: there was no one else to command them, or to unite them. Roy broke up into several swarms that scattered across the Koprul sector. One of the greatest threats to the universe, it seems, was able to neutralize ... "

    “However, Sarah Kerrigan survived. And although she no longer has the monstrous power of the Queen of Blades, nor the Swarm of Zerg under her command, the former “ghost” is still a dangerous adversary. And if the artifact really set her free, then why is she looking for flocks of zerg scattered around Koprul? What happened to Raynor? Is obsessed with Kerrigan as before, vengeance - or rebirth after she had and the new goal "?


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