Simple business: version Codename Angkor

    Automatic recording of calls, documents and accounts in metro-style, access rights for CRM tables and more than 350 other improvements.
    The new version of Simple Business adds innovations that increase the control over the quality of customer service, speed up work with accounting documents, save time and provide a higher level of confidentiality of work with important information. Introducing the offers of our customers and current updates, we have implemented more than 350 various edits and improvements.
    Introducing a brief overview of major updates.
    1. The accountant will work more efficiently - documents and invoices are now presented in the metro-style
    “Simple Business” has become a pioneer in introducing a clear and ergonomic Metro style among automation services.
    The Accounts and Documents tool in fashionable design is the first step towards a fully functional accounting module, which is currently under development and will be released in the upcoming version 1.8 before the end of winter. Now your accountant will be able to work with documents more efficiently in a single interface, creating new or controlling all movements of existing documents in terms of time, counterparty, manager, expense and income items, as well as other parameters.
    2. Control access rights, and your databases will remain with you - use special settings in the universal CRM table!
    “Simple business” overcame the fears of many managers related to the fact that negligent managers could “take away” their customer bases or important information. Thanks to updates, you will be able to configure access rights to the client base for managers, choosing whether an employee can only view information, or also change, export and print it. In particular, you can prevent managers from exporting and printing the entire table to avoid information leakage.
    You can also configure access to certain information only for some employees, for example, if an accountant sees monetary issues for a task in a table, then for a manager it can be closed by restricting access to only the ability to see organizational moments for a task and comments on it.
    3. A new window of affairs - we reduce the time for completing work tasks.
    A new window of affairs is the result of many years of research by time management and ergonomics of our CEO personally, and her crusade against inefficiency and “surprise”, unfortunately, of too frequent business practices in our country . Now, all the necessary properties of the case can be set in a few clicks of the mouse, and not necessary at the moment do not "call your eyes" at all - everything is placed on one page - clearly and informatively.
    The manager no longer needs to constantly remind employees about the deadline for work — in the new version, “Simple Business” does it for him using special tools to notify the case participant. You can set up a reminder to the employee about the case, sending notifications for a certain time before the deadline for submitting the case, as well as sending notifications to the employee when the case is overdue (including by SMS).
    When creating a case, select the case participant from the drop-down list of users and contacts, specify the resources for doing the case, the place of doing the case and its budget (expense and income) - there are more possible properties of the case, and working with them faster due to a more convenient organization.
    4. Automatic recording of calls and the history of all negotiations of the company - now you will not miss a single important word!
    The new version of Simple Business opens up additional opportunities for you to control the quality of customer service. You will be able to view the history of external calls of the organization for the entire time (or the selected period) and, if necessary, listen to the necessary conversations, since now in “Simple Business” automatic recording of calls works. If earlier such an opportunity was available only in expensive solutions of call centers, then in the released version of “Simple Business” the tool became available to companies of any scale.
    To trace the history of the calls you need, use the history window in the organization, which allows you to sort calls by various parameters: organization name, number, time period, call status, username and call direction. You can also open call history from the Call Center window.
    To set up auto-recording of calls, go to the Call Center settings window and check the corresponding box. You can enable auto-recording of calls in the context menu of the conversation window.
    5. Save time - turn on instant access to projects, tasks for all employees of the organization
    Use an additional way to save working time. If you have a task that all employees should be familiar with, you can quickly open access to it immediately for all employees of the organization. The same innovation applies to projects - a project can be opened for reading, editing and administration.
    Other important changes to Simple Agent in the Angkor version:
    - The system has become more convenient to work with files: information on the task, project and file organization (with the ability to go to the selected section) has been added to the file properties window.
    - There was another way to save time: if you need to quickly transfer a group of contacts to your phone or to a * .xls file, export the group of contacts in the same way as regular contacts by choosing the format you need (vCard, vCard Nokia vCard Unicode, * .xls ), and then transfer the information to your phone or computer.
    - Simplified work with mail messages: the user now immediately sees the name of the sender of the letter and his mailing address in the view window of the incoming mail message; in the window of the outgoing mail message began to display: mailbox, date, method of sending files (by attachment or links).
    - Accelerated work with the task when moving the comment: using the “Open task” option, you can quickly get into the task into which the comment was moved.
    - The version numbers of the program now have code names that correspond to grandiose historical milestones in the development of mankind, such as the current version, which received a code name after the name of Angkor, a huge ancient city in the territory of modern Cambodia.
    The new version also made, according to our developers, a “mini-revolution” in terms of optimizing critical algorithms, which increased the synchronization speed with the server by more than 5 times, stability, and significantly reduced memory consumption when working with the program.
    Stay tuned and use the new tools of "Simple Business" for the success of your company!

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