Basics of React (textbook, 2nd edition)

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It has been 2.5 years since the publication of the first version of the detailed tutorial on the basics of React. During this time, gitbook counted 250,000+ unique visitors.

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Under the cat more about the textbook and the list of changes.

First is the text. With legacy.gitbook you can still download PDF / epub / mobi. I did not find this option in the new version and, unfortunately, the new version of gitbook does not work well without VPN.

Secondly - this is the same textbook sparingly for "water". Text, pictures, source code.

In the process of learning a simple scenario is described: news feed (from a json file) + the ability to add news. No flirting with the backend. Most of the development goes straight to index.html, and only at the end we get acquainted with create-react-app .

The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce React to those who are already familiar with html / css and have an idea of ​​the basics of js. The library is added as a regular script. It was convenient at the time of jQuery and I did not redo the training formula.


Download for offline or read online - legacy.gitbook

Since gitbook may have accessibility issues, version 2.0.0 is posted on Yandex.Disk (PDF / ePub / mobi)

What will you learn in the learning process?

  • Create components, given propTypes
  • Properly use props and state components
  • Work with the form
  • Work with react dev tools

What has been updated:

  • React 16.4
  • Source Code (in full)
  • Text (partially + new sections)
  • Screenshots (in full)

Free, so-so ...

Start reading, make sure the opposite. The textbook takes into account the experience of counseling and as already mentioned, the first edition went down with a bang.

How to make a book better?

It's open source, friends. Gitbuka has a convenient error sending interface. Highlighted the text, sent a correction / wish / comment.

Successes in learning. Redux tutorial in the update process.

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