Interviews with Windows 8 and Windows Phone Application Developers

    Unfortunately, it so happened that domestic IT and near-IT resources are very passive to the success of local developers and small companies, but they are often ready to blindly retype everything related to large companies and foreign startups. You don’t have to go far - any mention of a product or insertion of a link on a hub will automatically be equated with advertising and will be banned (even if the article is 99.99% useful).

    Therefore, often the products and applications of domestic developers are focused primarily on the Western market, most of which are not localized in Russian or Ukrainian. As a small company, we also lack attention from local media, although foreign resources are happy to contact and publish news and materials.

    Therefore, we want to slightly change this situation on the pages of WP7ROCKS - a site for Windows Phone and Windows 8 developers, in which we created the “Keep Five! Five questions for developers. ”

    There are already several interviews:

    If you want to supplement the list, then you need to answer five questions:

    1. Tell us about yourself. How long have you been developing mobile apps? Why did you decide to develop applications for Windows Phone / Windows 8?
    2. Tell us more about your applications.
    3. What can you tell about the development process, tools, etc.? What difficulties and problems did you have and how did you solve them?
    4. How do you promote your apps? Share statistics, interesting facts
    5. What are your plans for the future?

    Extended answers with illustrations, links and videos (if any), please send to info //

    Of course, we are not a habr, but we want to support the domestic manufacturer :-)

    Thank you for your attention!

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