Acer S275 Mini Monitor Review

    The most important thing when choosing a monitor is to make the suit sit.
    No matter how much I bought monitors, I ultimately chose it with my eyes. Therefore, the first thing you should pay attention to is how the monitor looks. After all, the monitor is always in sight. The design of monitors is an undeservedly lost credo by some manufacturers. But the hero of the review - he is so stylish.

    Screen size: 27 "
    Screen resolution: 1920 × 1080
    Aspect ratio: 16: 9
    Matrix type: IPS (manufactured by LG)
    Dynamic contrast: 100000000: 1
    Screen brightness: 250 cd / m2
    Response time: 6 ms
    Viewing angles (with CR> 10): 178 ° horizontal, 178 ° vertical
    Pixel pitch: 0.311 × 0.311 mm
    Screen tilt angle: -1 ° / + 15 °
    Ports: 2 HDMI, 1 D-Sub, 1 3.5 mm jack
    Built-in speakers: 2 × 1.5 W
    Power supply type: external
    Dimensions with stand (WxHxD): 622 × 450 × 142 mm
    Warranty: 36 months.

    Yes, in the first place - stylish. And then - everything else.
    Black glossy plastic, only sharp corners, chopped forms. The designer took yes and drew his monitor on the line. And it turned out very tricky. The stand is asymmetrical, so the bulkiness of the 27-inch display is not felt. It looks like a 20-22 inch.
    As usually happens with designers - they disagree with technologists. Design is small. I drew it all. And the technologist needs to shove the components so that it still works, but does not break during operation. However, here the designer and technologist apparently worked in neighboring rooms and listened to each other. It turned out that the monitor is stylish, while comfortable.
    The delivery set is very simple. The monitor itself, the stand, the D-Sub cable, the external power supply, the audio cable (jack-jack), brochures and manuals are all.
    The power supply is a classic laptop.

    For the gloss is still not enough rags, well, I would like at least one digital cable.
    However, the monitor has digital only HDMI ports. On the one hand, this is bad, you have to connect your DVI-D cable through an adapter, and on the other, there are two HDMI ports, so you can connect your peripherals (smartphone, tablet) with a standard, short wire. All ports are on the stand (in the leg). Kensington Castle is also located there.

    In addition to the connectors, there are also control keys on the stand. Fortunately, they are mechanical. Also, on the stand, there is a work indicator (blue).

    When you connect all the wires, it comes out very carefully - everything remains at the table level, nothing hangs down from the display.

    The display itself is a FullHD IPS matrix, glossy protective plastic. Again, dual experiences.

    Gloss is the enemy of office work. Everything is reflected, eyes get tired. To somehow help yourself, you need to twist the brightness to full, which means that your eyes will get tired even more. But if you use the monitor at home, or just in a not-so-bright place, then this is where its full potential is revealed.

    Very good color rendering, excellent (even transcendental) brightness, and a good response time (6 ms). Yes, as usual - viewing angles are maximum.

    Resolution - FullHD 1920 * 1080 pixels. Yes that's right. FullHD resolution at 27 inches. This is the same resolution as on a 42-inch LCD TV, or the same as the Sony Xperia Z (and all 2013 trending smartphones).
    But such a resolution has an undeniable advantage: if your smartphone or laptop has FullHD resolution, you can use the Acer S275 as an external monitor without changing anything. It is very comfortable! Pixel to pixel.
    Thanks to CrystalBrite technology, the color reproduction of the monitor is richer and deeper, of course it is a monitor for home and entertainment, but in the office it could adequately fulfill its main tasks.
    Yes, it’s worth mentioning the sound. The sound from the monitor speakers is good (for their size). Here their location played a big role. Both speakers are maximally spaced and the conclusions are separated by 180 degrees.

    - Low resolution (for diagonal 27)
    - No DVI connectors
    - No VESA mount
    - Matte glossy finish

    + Interesting design
    + Excellent color reproduction and viewing angles
    + Two HDMI inputs
    + Good speakers

    Summary: I will safely recommend this monitor for purchase to those who need a monitor to connect a laptop, watch movies, games, and indeed work. If you need FullHD resolution, you want a beautiful monitor with a good display - then the price of $ 300 for the Acer S275 seems to me very good. Only one “but” - in Russia it will be a little more expensive .

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