We make flash video play in the background on a full screen on multi-monitor systems (windows only)

    If you have two (or maybe more) monitors, then you are probably faced with the problem that full-screen flash video collapses when it loses focus. Personally, this infuriated me a lot, because I have ICQ on the second monitor, and the browser on the main one. Therefore, it was impossible to launch the video in full screen and continue to communicate in ICQ.
    Fortunately for fans of multi-monitor configurations, there is a small hack that prohibits the flash from folding. Without further ado, I give a link to a software that will do everything itself.

    For Linux and MacOS users, unfortunately, there is no concrete solution to the problem.

    PS. If FlashHacker does not work the first time (in theory, it is compatible with all versions of flash), then click "Unhack Flash" first, and then - "Hack My Flash". And of course, do not forget to close all browsers before doing this.

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