How to return money from a mobile account if you have not connected third-party services

    If suddenly one day you notice that money will begin to flow from your account in an incomprehensible direction, this article will help you understand the reasons and, most importantly, return this money.

    Disclaimer: Habr is not a mournful book, therefore, a personal example of "getting" to the described was thrown out of the article.

    How can I sign up for a service without my knowledge?

    Mobile operators have “partners” that provide various kinds of services (for example, buy a gift picture in “Contact”). The meaning of such services is as follows:
    1. You enter the phone number.
    2. A confirmation code is sent to you.
    3. You enter this code.
    4. From this moment on, you are considered officially subscribed to some kind of service (whether it is one-time or not).

    The catch is that operators request the legitimacy of connecting a service from the companies themselves that connect this service (these companies are called partners of mobile operators). Moreover, the notification and confirmation of the connection of a service lies entirely on the conscience of the partners of the operators (content providers). It is also interesting that some mobile operators (for example, Beeline) do not have information about incoming SMS messages in billing, that is, if they tell you that you received an SMS with a message, you won’t be able to prove it.

    All this makes it possible, for example, the following scheme:
    1. January 1 at seven in the morning enter your phone number.
    2. A notification is sent to the operator that you have subscribed to a certain service indefinitely and have confirmed this service.
    3. From your account begin to write off 40 p. every day until the money runs out or you notice their leak (if you pay for the phone once a month, you can easily lose a thousand rubles).

    At the same time, when contacting support, they can in every way prove that everything was legitimate and that it is impossible to return the money. You may be asked to disconnect these subscriptions so that the money stops being withdrawn, however, in this case, they may try to complicate the unsubscribe process in every way (for example, at Beeline you need to independently send an SMS with the text “Stop” to each connected number; unsubscribing is most often impossible from personal cabinet or with the help of support staff).

    However, all this is a direct violation of our laws, so if you have time, contact the police and, for example, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (hypothetically, this will not only allow you to return the money, but also impose a fine on OpSoSov, as well as cover such schemes).If time is not so much, then at least part of the money can be returned without getting up from a chair (more on that at the end of the article).

    What can I do to make it impossible to sign up for such paid services?

    Another problem is that some providers do not allow you to completely abandon any paid services in the future. So, for example, MTS has the service “Prohibition of content 0”, however, for example, it does not disable the number 2210 (which may cost you 20 rubles every day).

    But this is at least something. Read more about these services in this post . Be sure to connect them. It is also important to remember one thing: if you have any subscriptions already connected, then these commands will not make it possible to disable them (this must be done separately).

    I was charged N rubles and paid services were connected without my knowledge - how can I turn them off and return the money?

    1. Go to your personal account and request statistics for the last few months in the "Excel" format.
    2. Call your operator’s support and find out which paid services of content providers you are connected to (from which numbers) and from what date.
    3. Filter in Excel records for these numbers and summarize the damage done to you. It is important to know how much you need to recover. You can also try asking support to do this for you (maybe you will be told this amount).
    4. Explain that these services were connected without your consent and that you did not personally confirm their connection, no SMS with requests came to you.
    5. If you will be told that you have confirmed your participation, ask for unloading from the billing of your mobile operator, where all cases of such incoming SMS will be indicated.
    6. In a conversation, you can hint that such actions can be collectively classified as fraud in accordance with Art. 159 of the Criminal Code. The actions of the operator himself in this case can be classified as complicity (in particular, aiding) in accordance with Art. 33 of the Criminal Code.
    7. It is possible that you will be offered to return only part of the amount (for example, 490 rubles instead of 825). If you continue to be politely denied, you may have to agree to this amount, warning that however, hand over a written claim for the remaining amount. So you instantly get at least some amount.

    If you reached the last point and did not receive a refund (or received incomplete), then write a claim (text below). First you can try to do this by e-mail in support of the mobile operator, then go to the nearest office. If this does not help, then there is only one thing left - to write a statement to the police.

    Refund claim text example


    Starting from January 1, 2013, my number +7 123 123-45-67 was deducted in the total amount of xxx p. for paid services to short numbers 9106 and 2210, which I did not connect and did not confirm.

    The support service of the XXX company cannot reliably confirm the legitimacy of connecting these services, because the company's billing does not show the fact of incoming SMS from these numbers, and the connection is requested from the content providers themselves (that is, exactly from the companies that arbitrarily and connected these services) and are also called support partners of the company "XXX".

    Once again I draw your attention to the fact that I did not give direct consent to connecting the service to my number. My rights were violated in the following:
    - connection to the service without the consent of the subscriber;
    - debiting money from the subscriber’s account for a service connected without his consent and paid for at the initiative of the service provider until a direct refusal is received from it through the XXX office.
    ... which may be collectively classified as fraud in accordance with Art. 159 of the Criminal Code. XXX’s actions in this case can be classified as complicity (in particular aiding) in accordance with Art. 33 of the Criminal Code.

    Upon my request of January 21, XXX rubles were returned to my account, I propose an immediate refund to the balance of my phone in the amount of the remaining XXX rubles. without deducting the value of taxes and any other fees.

    January 21, 2013 / Ivanov I.I. /

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