Licensed software for educational institutions. Free and not quite

    Good day!
    I work in a state educational institution (college) in one of the republics of our vast Motherland. Since the writing of the post on the development of the infrastructure of this educational institution, a lot has been done. Perhaps something else will be written about the results, but in this topic I would like to present a selection of ways to get initially non-free licensed software both for free and with significant discounts. Many things are checked on themselves.
    If there is interest, the material will be updated (including through links from comments).

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    Is free


    1) Google apps for educational institutions
    Many, of course, already know what it is. In short: Mail, google drive, calendar, sites, blogs, documents and other google services for your domain.
    2) Office 365 for educational institutions
    An analogue of google apps from Microsoft


    1) Free Autodesk products for use in classrooms
    After registration, we received free network licenses for almost all Autodesk products.
    2) Autodesk for students
    3) Archicad and some Graphisoft products
    4) BricsCAD
    Cross-platform. We have not yet taken root.

    Development environments

    1) IntellIJIDEA
    Annual License. Annual renewal required.

    With discounts for educational institutions


    1) MSDN or Dream Spark
    This is a subscription for a year or 3 years, by purchasing which, you, your students and teachers gain access to Microsoft products. The annual subscription for one faculty does not exceed 20 thousand rubles. The product list contains all the lines of OS, Visio, Access, development tools, SharePoint, etc.
    2) Academic open license
    Perpetual licenses for educational institutions with significant discounts.
    3) Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES)


    Training kits
    2) CREDO
    A set of programs for road builders and surveyors

    Wolfram mathematica

    Also popular now: