Updates from Habr. Browser extension

    I am glad to present to your attention the next version (1.5) of the extension for the hub (the previous topic ), which has learned to accept and display subscriptions, feeds and mentions , as well as work with the user profile on the hub.
    Also now shows your karma, rating and remaining charge for voting.

    User Profiles

    Now, on any page of the hub, if you hover the mouse over the nickname of the user, the extension will show you information in a small block about this user - avatar, name, nickname, karma, rating, registration, when was the last time, a note.
    Here, in the block, you can immediately vote for the user, subscribe / unsubscribe to him, change the note, as well as write a private message.
    You can also change the group in which the user is located (for expansion).
    Information about the user is cached for a time, customizable in the extension.

    Subscription, feed, and mentions

    Accepts updates from these channels. Shows them on the appropriate tabs: two men; orange rss icon; green ribbon.

    As elsewhere, you can work with this information - immediately reply , vote, see all answers and comments in QA , etc. Filters have been

    added for subscription and feeds - you can configure it to see only events of the desired type. For example, if you are not interested in who added something to your favorites, you can turn it off.

    Charge and settings

    Now at the top right in the extension you can see your karma, rating, as well as the remaining charge for voting.
    After any vote within the extension, these values ​​are instantly updated.

    Quick settings for sound and pop-ups moved to the usual settings. In the fasts, only "silent mode" remained.
    Settings for new channels are in the tabs “tracker” and “tape”.

    Also it accelerated launch + it works without the Internet , because now it remembers the user and does not wait for the response of the Habra to the login every time it starts.

    After installation, do not forget to enable all the daws in the settings and, if necessary, put zeros in the page load limiters. For the default settings are set to save traffic and the extension almost does not make requests to the Internet.

    That's all for now.

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