Meet BitTorrent Client for Google Chrome

    The new extension for Google Chrome from the creators of uTorrent turns a popular browser into a BitTorrent client in just a couple of mouse clicks. In an interview with TorrentFreak, representatives of BitTorrent Inc. They said that they had been working on the extension for the past six months, and the reason for its creation was also the same, which at one time encouraged Bram Cohen to create the first BitTorrent client - the exchange of large files via the Internet.

    Since its humble appearance 11 years ago, BitTorrent has become one of the largest generators of Internet traffic. Hundreds of petabytes of data travels through cyberspace every day thanks to torrents becoming commonplace with millions of people.

    The most popular uTorrent client currently helps to share files with more than 125 million active users and remains a favorite weapon for many advanced torrent fans.

    However, the flagship client of BitTorrent Inc. now there is a younger brother installed in a couple of clicks, it is ideal for both experienced users and beginners in the world of torrents.

    BitTorrent Surf is currently available only for Google Chrome, but Firefox fans should not be discouraged, since the version of the extension for their browser is next in line. When installing from Chrome Webstore, BitTorrent Surf integrates a torrent client and a torrent search engine into the browser, with virtually no configuration required.

    After installation, a blue BitTorrent Surf circle icon activated by clicking the mouse appears in the upper right corner of Google Chrome. In the expansion window that appears, we drive in the required material and after a while the client will display the search results with links ready for download.

    One click on the green arrow and the file starts to swing into the default download folder. But you can do even better.
    You can add a search for popular torrent portals yourself. In the BitTorrent Surf window, click the Search Settings button, then Add Site from URL and enter the address of your favorite torrent site.

    We have added most sites from our latest Top 10, with the exception of Torrentz and EZTV, they probably did not accept them because of their settings. All operations performed can be viewed by clicking the Notifications button. Any of the search engines for torrents can be disabled or, conversely, enabled by a switch in the Search Settings settings window.

    If you need additional information on the torrent, hover over the desired element and the details will be displayed in the tooltip. For example, when you hover over the name, you will see the name of the file, a link to the tracker and the size of the content to download. Healthbar after the name will tell you the number of seeds, peers and downloads.

    “We created BitTorrent Surf to meet the needs of novice torrent users in a simple and understandable client, to quickly and conveniently search for content and download the same,” said David Hilborn, TorTorrent Surf product manager, in an interview with TorrentFreak.

    “Wherever you look in the digital world, there is always a demand for technology for moving large amounts of data. Be it Ultra HD / 4k TV at CES this week or your phone with photo / video. The BitTorrent protocol is ideal for this. ”

    Matt Mason, vice president of marketing for BitTorrent Inc, said that a truncated BitTorrent client is a return to its roots when torrent download programs had a minimum of settings.

    We created BitTorrent Surf for the same reason that Bram did, creating BitTorrent as an effective way to move voluminous content on the Internet. HTTP lags behind on this front, and the Internet needs it.

    “Surf is the result of evolution, and we will continue to work with content producers and content delivery companies to make the Internet better for all of us.”

    In general, Surf is a good addition to the Utorrent / BitTorrent family, especially for beginners or those , who considers it unnecessary to have a full BitTorrent client. At the moment, Surf has the status of the alpha version and undoubtedly we will find many improvements before it becomes a full-fledged product.

    Download BitTorrent Surf.

    Source: TorrentFreak

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