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    Breaking Bad or the harsh realities of Dark Forester Indie's development Breaking
    Bad 2, Dark Forester is a small plus game

    "Never back down"

    The year gave way to a year, but the game did not go out.

    The first ten years of my childhood as much as I could remember myself, I wanted to become a footballer, I woke up with the ball from Select and I played 10 years of my life in football, 2 years of them at a professional level. Four times in the period from 8 to 14 years, I tried to qualify for Moscow Spartak. And three times out of four I should not have been taken, but once I had to be given at least a month. I was destined to go through the walk, going to the school and get into a completely different team. Lost in the winter Luzhniki, my mother and I got into the arena, where the legendary Soviet trainer Novikov coached the youth team of Lokomotiv. So, having worked with guys for 3 years older than me in one of the Luzhniki arenas and on the racetracks of the stadium in Cherkizovo, I found myself in Sviblovo, in the worst infrastructure in the post-Soviet space, with my team of birth. To put it mildly, the year was unfortunate, the next year I started in the fourth league in Moscow Fili, where in fact I ended up “Career” by tearing up bundles on my legs, not playing football, and hanging around in the yard with a longitudinal string. Other interests appeared: rocking, university, and of course computer games buried in me a part of a football player.

    The next ten years of adult life, I dreamed of becoming a writer. For many years I wrote, and then also polished my first book for many years. And when after many years, between poker games, what kind of programming and light bouts of programming, it was written, I sent the manuscript to about 30 different publishing houses in Russia and the CIS countries. Only two of them gave me an answer, the general context was that the book was too angry and no one would ever release it, and if I want to write, I should be engaged in journalism with this style. If I tried to publish the book now, she would probably have been dragging on several articles - at least insulting the feelings of believers and stirring up international discord.

    For the next 10 years I didn’t dream of becoming a programmer, I didn’t dream of crossing over 10,000 hours in this specialty, I didn’t dream, although I might have wanted to play computer games.
    But even then, when I went on this crusade, I swore to myself for one thing, that unlike football, from books, which I naturally, when the time comes I will release all the same - I will bring the development of the game to the end.

    "Eyes of the tiger"

    Let's go back almost 2 years ago, when the first two parts of the story came out. For me it was a great motivation to see so many positive reviews. Month 2, I continuously introduced something new into the game.

    And then he stopped, I had some kind of despair, after three years of fanatical belief that it was possible, I got hooked. I didn’t do anything for a career, it just went somewhere alongside the game, with my family, although maybe I’m lying, the feeling of rivalry always pushed me to be better and wherever I worked at the beginning, I wanted to be like the best programmer on the company, and then I just went to the level, changed two jobs, moved to the sixth corporation, raised my salary to the top level in Bavaria, and became narcissistic to consider myself the best programmer in the company.

    And at that very moment I was overtaken, then what I was afraid of, I stopped being hungry for victories. When I started working on the game, we barely made ends meet, the money for food for three in Bavaria was about 400 euros per month. And now I did not know that this food cost 1400 euros. When they start paying you a good salary, when a child grows up, when your company provides you with a solid social package, it becomes easier for you to find excuses, why you can stop bathing if the game never sees the light, and gets stuck in early access.

    Plus, they started me two things, the first is that the game was not playful. Beta lying on the incentive was actually dead and, no matter how I introduced a new one, it didn’t change things. For me, the third heroes were and are the limit of gambling, I think many of you understand what I mean.

    The second thing that caused me to end this thing, because gradually, in a bad sense, it became an obsessive idea that would not let me rest.


    The game was given less and less time. I couldn’t play it, and if I did something, I just thought out some innovations. This lasted eight months, I only managed to motivate myself once, I wanted improved graphics and the introduction of new assets into the game. For this, the game had to be transferred to Unity 5.4 in 64 bits, which also created problems with the wrapper for stim. Somehow it revived the development, giving a couple of new impulses to the game. I poured a couple of new updates on Steam, but the game actually died - the purchases were over.

    In fact, I lost - it was possible to tie.

    "Find what you love"

    At that time, the red bullying somehow by itself imperceptibly exceeded 3 cans per day. I again got a good physical form and it seemed, if you take away the annoying fact that the game is heading for hell, everything in general develops perfectly, especially here, too many people argued that the main thing is a stable income and existence in the system.

    And then for the first time in my life there was a moment that someone just knocked out a lamp, broken legs, a rupture of ligaments, and pneumonia seemed like a childish mild illness to smoke comfortably on a hammock aside. My back ached at work, my heart ached already, and after a few hours, for the first time in my life I asked my wife, frightened to death, if something happened to me, give my daughter the last manuscript of my book at 18 years old. Already at the doctor, neither the cardiogram of the heart, nor the head of the head showed anything, only the blood showed that I had either severe inflammation from the virus or maybe cancer. As a fan of "Breaking Bad" - this is not the best that I would like to hear from the doctor. To be honest at that moment, I did not suddenly begin to believe in God, I thought about my daughter, that you can’t die without seeing at least her 18th birthday, and yes I was thinking about this damn game - just not now.

    I was prescribed strong antibiotics and painkillers, a week went by - the blood test did not improve, the second one passed and everything went away. Doctors did not find anything, for them it was just a virus.

    I climbed out.

    My wife persuaded me to take a great vacation and fly away for three and a half weeks to Mallorca. There, I swore to myself that I would stop drinking the red bull, I’ll go in for sports and lose weight to my old 80kg. I even cut down the Internet in advance by downloading several books, one of them was the unremarkable biography of Ilona Mask.

    Man is a creature that only death can stop. And until she stopped us, we need to move forward.

    After reading the Mask biography, I thought what the hell, if a person can create firms doing space, solar energy, the future, then this is just a game!

    And I got the idea completely opposite to what should come to a reasonable person after such an illness that the game can only be completed by a robot, the best copy of itself, not leading to fatigue, distractions, absolutely focused. And we went back. Red Bull poured in again and I began to sleep again for five hours.


    "The Dark Forester"

    I am pretty sure that over the past year I have done more than the past 4 years. But I am grateful to myself from the past that I have done so much of everything, even if not completely, sometimes not thoughtfully, sometimes just poorly programmed.

    During the year I reworked the entire game, removed over a thousand bugs, introduced about 100 new objects, added 15 improvements to each building. Rewrote almost all skills, added heroes - not to be confused with the main character. Constructed a specific refactorization.

    And, creating the clone Dungeon Keeper with elements of The Horde, I came to the fact that I created a three-dimensional Clash of Clans with elements of the forest god simulator, all the same great The Horde and some concepts from the Majesty game. And even managed to steal something from the pillbox: for example, the inventory for a gaming session, the concept of one eternal card and the fact that everything in the forest is interconnected.

    Finally, I was able to spend 5-6 hours in my own game, and this is all, even without pressing a button, “attacking the enemy’s forest”.

    And the most important thing that I managed to do was to overpower myself and not throw a single update on the steam for almost a year, so that when the game comes to light people who have played at an early stage simply do not recognize it.

    Of course, many things failed: The game is demanding, and even not so much in graphic terms as in terms of RAM and processor. The animation of the main character consists of only five types of animation! For example, in the raid "Raid", there are characters of opponents who have 100 types of animation! I had an idea already this year for this reason to replace the main character, but I’m too fond of this evil goblin. Of course, doing everything alone you see the game in pink and many flaws, like the buggy, will be toughly met by lovers of pee review. The mini camera as my nephew correctly noted is too small and it is very difficult to understand what is happening on it.

    One thing I understand now will have to throw balance patches over the course of the first weeks - this is PvP mode, attacks on foreign villages.


    In this article again there was not a single line of code, and who needs it? Most of us see code all day at work.

    We are a generation of programmers. What just was not: Generation X, Generation Y, fighting clubs, American psychopaths, but anyone. This generation of programmers! When I sometimes read articles that everything’s bad and there’s no way out in the end, how people have worked for 20 years and don’t know what to do, I don’t understand it. In our hands, absolutely everything - you can write a game, program, mobile application, website! And if you think that everything has been thought out before you and there are no more ideas, then just look around. No one was able to kill the third Heroes, no one was able to release the best clone Dungeon Keeper. And when you thought that after Facebook it was no longer possible, something came up, some people came in with a message of a hundred signs - what kind of nonsense ... and it worked. Just look at the mobile games! Yes, there is still only a couple of serious games.

    We will fly to Mars, and then to other planets, sooner or later the era of robots will come and everywhere you will be needed. This is our time, before there was a time of people in ties, with bank cases - their time is running out. Now you are the hero of this time. But do not stop where you are standing now. This can not be your limit, until no one has proved another, man is the most perfect being in the universe and you have to go further.

    At that moment when you read these lines, someone's new star came up in google play or in the apple store, and this someone is a developer.


    Have you ever thought what the best version of you could have done in half a year? per year? for five? Yes, it is the best part of you, to which you are grateful that she once went to a Spanish course during the university for 3 years, the best part that she sat at night and worked out during her school years php sites. But you cannot be grateful to the part of you that took out a loan a couple of years ago to buy a car that you could not afford at that time, then you thought I would deal with this problem in the future. But the future you are here and now dissatisfied with that decision.

    But this is all so, it is such an easy improved and easy degraded version of you. This is when you turned on your favorite game, not on an easy level, but on an average, and so on, once a roll. So what if you enable full mode? Is it even possible to enable this full mode? I am afraid that this “god” mode consists of so many small nuances that cannot be counted. Yes, I'm not even talking about alcohol, cigarettes, the idle time spent on youtube channels, watching other people's lives. Neither the fact that your favorite serials, you ate another batch of chips, nor that you did not go running, because you drizzled light rain and you were tired after work.

    So what can a programmer? Developer? Engineer for half a year, for a year, for five? If you put in it all the protocols of an ideal person, a robot, a neural monster, who always makes the right choice. Imagine that this program suddenly came to you and for a fat steak, 2 sneakers, 2 red bulls, your program to which you suddenly had full access counted you -20 minutes of your life. For two hours on the subway that you drove back to work, staring at passers-by, playing clash of clans or browsing pages on the girl's facebook, which you are not even particularly interested in, your program counted you that in 3 years you would miss salaries - 2 euro per month, just because they could do something useful at this time.

    This is the code of the matrix, which each of us understands at least a little, but in the depths of his soul, but cannot overpower, pleading and dissuading himself with thousands of excuses. But you yourself understand that Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Tesla, SpaceX, Facebook were created by people from this planet? Yes, there are millions of other examples ...

    Family, children, 8 hours of work, mired in a routine, you have to pay bills - seriously? Yes, all these points should be more of a motivation to include a protocol of at least an improved version of oneself.

    I did not manage to turn on this protocol completely, but at least a couple of times during these five years I managed to play at nightmare and hard level.

    There is such an idea that if you try, again and again, you will sometime put two aces on the table, but in order to put these two aces on the table, you must continue to play.

    Then the lines should go further, that yesterday, on July 27, the game went out to Steam, but I suggest you better lift your ass from the chair, because if you’re up to these lines, you’ve spent time not efficiently, and get down to business.

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