The magazine "TsODy.RF" summed up the results of the first year of work

    The publication of the magazine “TsODy.RF” became a logical and timely response to the demand for a specialized professional periodical on the subject that has formed in the field of datacenter. Having no analogues in the information flow of Russia, it considers not only individual data center systems, but also general market trends, talking about professionals who have influenced the formation of the industry in our country and abroad, presenting the experience of Western specialists and innovative technologies that open up new Opportunities for suppliers and consumers of data center services. Photo excursions to the largest Russian data centers and discussion of data center project cases with market experts are of undoubted practical value.

    The concept of the TsODy.RF magazine is based on an integrated approach to highlighting the design, construction and operation of a data center, accurate positioning and orientation to a highly specialized audience. The CA edition includes representatives of various levels of posts. According to research data, top managers show significant interest in the publication, accounting for 18% of the publication’s audience. About a quarter of Central Asia are middle managers, 59% are specialists.

    About half of the magazine’s audience (48%) are data center consumers who need up-to-date information regarding the choice between a data center. The rest was distributed as follows: 17% accounted for by system integrators, 10% to data center service providers, 8% to operating companies, 6% to designers, 4% to equipment suppliers, and finally 3% to operators communications and consultants.

    The geography of distribution of the magazine covers mainly the territory of the Russian Federation. ¾ the entire audience falls on the European part of the country: 42% - on the territory of Moscow and the Moscow region; 33% - to the territory of the North-Western and Southern Federal Districts. 9% of readers live in the Urals Federal District, 1% of the audience in Siberia and 3% in the Far East. 11% of the audience live in the CIS and European countries - these are Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

    “TsODy.RF” is distributed free of charge: by subscribing to the website of the same name, any resident of Russia or the CIS countries will be able to receive it by mail. The first issue of the periodical was sent along with a gift from CROC.

    The first issue of TsODy.RF magazine, which was published in the fourth decade of October, was highly praised by specialists from Russia, Europe and the USA, being represented at the eight largest thematic forums and conferences in the fourth quarter of 2012.

    Participants in the DatacenterDynamics Converged conference, which was held on November 1 in Moscow, were among the first to familiarize themselves with the magazine. Participants took with interest the periodical publication TsODy.RF. Leading IT industry experts gathered at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Moscow prepared reports covering commercial, engineering and IT aspects of data center optimization, presented case studies. The participants considered such important issues as the stages of data center formation, outsourcing strategies, and the modernization of various data center systems. One of the sections was moderated by Alexey Degtyarev, General Director of Media Gruz CJSC.
    As part of the event, an exhibition of equipment from major manufacturers and suppliers was held.

    On November 15, the V conference "Information Technologies in the Oil and Gas Complex and Energy" was held. The participants gathered at the Sheraton Palace Moscow hotel, with pleasure, got acquainted with the magazine “TsODy.RF”. Speakers at the conference addressed the issues of modernizing the IT infrastructure of enterprises in this industry and optimizing business processes by using IT innovations. Presentations were made on the topics of information systems for supporting the management of industrial assets, the features of work and the prospects for the development of a distributed multiservice network, the use of techniques for assessing the maturity of IP, ensuring integrated information security, using an electronic document management system, and implementing the idea of ​​a “mobile office”.

    On November 15–16, the All-Russian Forum of Data Center Operators was held, which brought together the largest industry experts in St. Petersburg with interest in the magazine “Data Center.RF”. As a platform for an active exchange of experience and business contacts between professionals in this industry, the event raised issues of design, construction, operation and modernization of various data centers. The forum participants touched on the topic of productive interaction with vendors, contractors and equipment suppliers, as well as with authorities. The speakers prepared reports on the nuances of domestic documentation and foreign industry standards, discussed the features of service, considering the prospects for introducing new services, emphasized the need to increase the level of information and economic security.

    On November 22-24, the 20th All-Russian forum of hosting providers was held, gathering participants at the Raivola Hotel in St. Petersburg. After reviewing the content of the magazine “Data Center.RF”, the participants appreciated it. Within the framework of the event, there were held: a round table of the commission of hosting providers and registrars of RAEC, a working meeting of the CC of the national domain and TTs with registrars and hosters, as well as several conferences. At the conference “Hosting Market. Fall 2012 ”, we studied the features of the business social network“ HostObzor: ONLINE ”, the difficulties and advantages of hosting mail on your own server, providing a site protection service against spammers, etc. At the event“ Data Center Market. Autumn 2012 ”, the results of the All-Russian Forum of Data Center Operators were summed up, a social network project was presented for representatives of this industry, The experience of operating your own data center abroad is considered. Conference “Domain Market. Autumn 2012 ”was devoted to the review of UDRP practice in the Russian Federation, the latest services of the TCI, pre-trial settlement of disputes over domain issues, the results of using the DNSSEC protocol in the zone.

    On December 6, the peer-to-peer forum MSK-IX2012 was held. The audience gathered at the Moscow World Trade Center, became seriously interested in the periodical publication “TsODy.RF”. The event, devoted to considering the prospects of Internet Exchange and the interaction of providers, brought together Russian and Western specialists in this industry, including both employees of provider companies and operators, as well as representatives of government bodies (including the State Duma) and non-governmental organizations related to this field. They discussed the technical features of connecting to MSK-IX, filtering illegal content on the Russian Internet, discussed the prospects for the development of peer-to-peer centers and changes in the tariff policy. During lively discussions, participants came to many conclusions,

    On December 11, the DataCenter Forum was held, bringing together numerous data center owners and consumers of their services in Moscow. The magazine was enthusiastically received by the target audience. The event was dedicated to the development of the data center industry in Russia, the analysis of rapidly completed stages and making forecasts for the future. In addition to global discussions on this topic, the forum participants discussed the features of managing remote data centers, raised issues of data center efficiency and energy saving, and studied the latest trends in the Russian market.

    On December 12, the XIII Forum "Information Technologies in the Financial Sector" was held, dedicated to the topic of the effectiveness of strategic IT management in this area. The leading IT staff of banks and insurance companies, representatives of suppliers and thematic media were pleased to familiarize themselves with the TsODy.RF periodical and actively participated in the discussion of innovative IT solutions for banks and insurance companies, investor strategies, and the development of electronic sales in the insurance sector . An exhibition was held as part of the forum held by AHConferences, which presented the latest in information technology for the financial industry.

    On December 12–14 and 17–18, IT-related trainings were held at Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics, and Informatics, the participants of which became interested and entered into a heated discussion of the magazine “Data Center.RF”. The presentation of the publication took place as part of an agreement between the organizing company DCProfessional Development and the Media Gruz Publishing House, which stipulates the popularization of the magazine as part of the DCD events.

    Being part of the International Data Center Professional Growth Program, translated into several languages, the trainings “Conceptual Basics of Data Center Design” and “Best Practices for Data Center Energy Efficiency” gave a complete picture of current trends and latest technologies in the industry - from designed and ending with management, they developed irreplaceable practical skills and outlined the big picture of IT infrastructure.

    The only thematic periodical publication on the Russian information market about data centers “DPCs.RF” contains information on both the invaluable experience of domestic and Western professionals, as well as on the latest trends and innovations in the industry. The publishers did a great job of popularizing the magazine: the first issue was widely known among a highly specialized audience, gaining recognition both in Russia and abroad.

    You can get a free subscription to the magazine on the TsODy.RF website .

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